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Pastor Predicts Doom For Cameroon 

By Maxcel Fokwen

CameroonPostline.com — Apostle Joshua David of Faith Foundation Assembly Kumba, Southwest Region, has declared 2014 a year of doom, disgrace and humiliation for men of the occult world in Cameroon.

Joshua David made the revelation in the night of December 31, breaking January 1, as he addressed a congregation of believers in the Tancha neighbourhood of Kumba III Subdivision.
In a chat with The Post, Apostle Joshua said that the problem with Cameroon is not the Head of State, Paul Biya.

Rather, he said, Cameroonians in their small settings and offices always want to suppress and control their fellow humans, forgetting to know that God is the giver of all things. He said that most Cameroonians believe in occultism rather than the power of God. “It is not the death of the President that would change Cameroon, rather, many men of God outside Cameroon have been praying for this nation.

So, in 2014 many so-called powerful powers will be disgraced. 2014 is the year of unveiling the real Cameroon. Youths will be rehabilitated in 2014. Anyone operating on the pedestal of occultism will experience serious disgrace. Occultism will fail a lot of people,” Joshua David said. According to him, there will be trouble here and there but as many trust in God he will never fail them.

On the situation of the youths, he declared that there will be a turnaround in all spheres of life and many youths will flash out of obscurity because it is a year of “unsnatchable treasure”.
Joshua David said his prophecy will affect even pastors and prophets of God with false powers. Such prophets should either repent or face the judgment of God in 2014, he surmised.

First published in The Post print edition no 01495

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