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Patriotism, National Unity Promote Development, Youth Told 

By Isidore Abah

CameroonPostline.com — The President of Republican Generation has prescribed patriotism and national unity as catalysts for development. According to Prince Adolf Bibi Molua, when citizens love and respect State institutions, it encourages a stable economy that would attract foreign investors, and consequently usher in economic development.

As such, he encouraged the youth to be patriotic, preach national unity and shun secessionist tendencies, which he said, are propagated by a few individuals. Such individuals, Prince Adolf Bibi Molua went on, are not only a threat to unity and national integration, but also help in retarding the economic growth and development of Cameroon. In this light, he encouraged the youth to be advocates of peaceful co-existence between Anglophones and Francophones.

For according to him, “this is a legacy that our fallen patriots fought hard to achieve, and we the younger generation must try to preserve and consolidate this legacy, for this is what defines us Cameroonians as a people and a nation.” The Republican Generation President was addressing some 2000 youth at the Molyko Omnisport Stadium Buea, on Friday, November 15, at the end of Reunification Forum. The two-day Forum, which held under the theme “Patriotism and National Unity”, brought together youth from all the ten regions of Cameroon.

Holding in prelude to the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Cameroon’s reunification, activities during the forum gave the youth the opportunity to better understand and appreciate the need to live in unity and harmony, as they exchanged ideas and showed their unity in diversity.

Meanwhile, in an ecumenical service which took place on November 14, clergymen of various denominations prayed for peace, unity, economic growth and responsible citizenship. The clergy equally used the opportunity to appeal to those who wield political authority in Cameroon to use the rich natural, human and financial resources, which God has blessed the country with, to improve on the lives of the citizens.

The men of God regretted that even though Cameroon is richly endowed, most of its resources are depleted by some unscrupulous administrators, while its citizens wallow in poverty. “As we prepare to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our reunification, we pray that the leaders of this country would use the resources God has put at their disposal for the wellbeing of the citizens.”

At the end of the two-day forum, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Harry Tabe Okpu and the Mobilisation Officer, Mukete Elobe, all of Republican Generation, said the forum was a great success. They, however, regretted that some senior citizens of the country sabotaged the forum by failing to honour their promise of providing funds for the forum. It should be noted that Republican Generation is a grouping of some 300 civil society and youth associations.

First published in The Post print edition no 01480

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