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Paul/John Romance & The 12 10 Pregnancy 

By Bouddih Adams

Dates are memorable or remembered either for good or for bad. September 11in the United States of America, simply known as 9 11, is remembered for the man-made disaster in that country on that day in 2001 when Bin Laden’s  Al Qaeda hit and destroyed the World Trade Centre and attempts made at demolishing other institutions of US power.

February 2008 in Cameroon is remembered for the nationwide strike action over price hikes in basic commodities. Happenings are at the root of anniversary celebrations and commemorations. December 10 or simply 12 10 will be remembered as the day history was made when, after a 20-year-old war of diatribes and acrimony, the two main elephants in Cameroon politics, decided to lower their tusks and talk.

P.K Manyong of The Post considers the adage: "When two elephants fight, the grass under them suffers," as an understatement because, according to him, if the two elephants decided but to make love, the grass under them will still suffer. The logic in P.K’s philosophical assertion would apply only in the practical sense of elephants making love; hardly in the theoretical and political sense of it.

Paul Biya and Fru Ndi were referred to as two elephants fighting while Cameroonians (the grass) were suffering, by Jomia Pefok, the then Government Delegate to the Bamenda Urban Council, in a historic speech when Biya last visited Bamenda in 1991.Pa Jomia Pefok, a quintessential ‘Bamenda man’, reportedly shunned a mollycoddling speech written for him in Yaounde and pulled out his own, which was non word-mincing and told the august guest and the public his mind. Politically speaking, if these two elephants decide to make love as they have started, the grass will also enjoy in ecstatic proportions equal to the lovers.

Love here means dialogue. Two elephants must not decide to dialogue only after war like was the case in Ivory Coast between Laurent Gbagbo and Guillaume Soro or in Kenya between Moi Kibaki and Raila Odinga.  Dialogue will rather prevent war and the loss of people and property.
Dialogue here does not mean compromise in the roles of the government or the opposition.

They must continue to play their roles while working for the betterment of the country. For instance, it is because Cameroonians were holding their breath on the 12 10 10talks between Paul and John that they could not join the rest of the international community in commemorating World Anti-Corruption Day. Corruption and graft are most responsible for Cameroon’s dilemma today; hence both of them have to factor a way of stemming it for the good of the Cameroonian people.

The appointment between President Biya and Chairman Fru Ndi, taken in Bamenda on 12 10 is like pregnancy that has taken root. Whether the child will be male, female of even twins is no the issue for now. The issue, for now, is that the pregnancy should not be aborted and that should not be a still birth. We the people of the Cameroons are the ultimate judge and know where Biya – who is in government – is going wrong and we know what Fru Ndi – as opposition leader – has been trying to check-mate in government action.

Accepting to meet makes Paul great, John great and, ultimately, the Cameroonian people great. They have behaved LIKE Statesmen. It is at the end of it all that we, the people, will know if they are TRUE Statesmen or who among them is a Statesman. It is on this score that, we, the people, will sanction them.
Are We Together?

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