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PCC, CBC Adopt Child-Centered Education 

By Chris Mbunwe

Recently at the Baptist Centre Hall in Bamenda, the results of a scientific evaluation on the effects of the In-Service Training Programme, ISTP, of the Presbyterian Church, PCC, and the Cameroon Baptist Church, CBC, were presented to the public.

The scientific evaluation is aimed at improving the performance of pupils and students as it is well tailored and child-centered in order that the child graduates from school prepared to face the daily challenging realities.

The scientific survey pointed out that by means of this innovative school development, the average effectiveness of teaching in schools is significantly improved and the school achievement is raised by measurable effects.

These effects as explained by the ISTP Coordinator, Frederick Njobati Fondzenyuy, were primarily due to the improvement of student competences in the lower competence levels.  Additionally, the survey showed that negative effects of lacking initial pre-service teacher training can be compensated to a large extent by a didactically reflected In-Service Training.

The ISTP Coordinator recalled that since 1997, this progromme trained about 77 multipliers in an annually conducted teacher training to be specialists in learner-activating didactics.
These multipliers, according to Njobati, since then have conducted further teacher trainings with about 700 teachers at schools of both churches. The programme was financially and spiritually supported by the German Development Service/Deutscher.

Throughout the process, Njobati continued, the programme has been evaluated on a regular basis. Due to the strength of the ISTP concept regarding the learner-centred approach, in 2009 the ISTP initiated a scientific effect measuring with the support of the EED. 

"Our goal about "Vision Twenty Fifteen" is the learner at the centre in order that we enhance modern education which is learner oriented or child-centred, with teaching-learning strategies thereby improving in the PCC and CBC schools.  ISTP, we must emphasis focuses on education for life and education for liberation,"  Njobati averred.

This is why an internationally well known team of experts from the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nurembery/Germany led by Frau Professor. Dr. Annette. Scheunpflug was commissioned with the evaluation of the programme.

Prof. Scheunpflug talking to participants drawn from Northwest and Southwest Regions, elaborated on the training programme and the prospects, saying the survey was conducted by means of standardized instruments of international school comparative research, foremost based on the Third International Mathematics and Science Study,  TIMSS, of the International Association of Evaluation, Boston/ USA as well as on scales from the Programme of International Student Assessment, PISA, of the organization of Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD.

In separate interventions, the Southwest and Northwest Regional Delegates of Secondary Education, Messrs Francis Ngundu and Joseph Sunjo lauded the efforts of ISTP and their partners in carrying out innovations to enhance education and pleaded with ISTP to go beyond the CBC and PCC schools.

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