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PCC Christians Told To Stop Protesting Pastors 

By Marceline Chick

CameroonPostline.com — Christians of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, have been warned against rebellious activities at the transfer of pastors of their various congregations.
This was the central theme of a message preached by Rev. Jennet Benoni-Wang of PC Kumba Mbeng recently, during a service to commemorate the 55th edition of the Presbyterian Church Day in Cameroon.

Benoni-Wang, who is associate pastor of the congregation, quoted the Holy Bible in I Corinthians 1:10-17. She said, in Corinth, Christians were divided in camps, with separate fellowships for Paul, Appollos and Cephas, who were servants of God.

She likened today´s Christians of the PCC to those of Corinth, which is characterised by internal bitterness and anger, retarding the growth of the church. According to the pastor, the major challenge of the church today is the occasional rebellion against leadership decisions on issues concerning church governance.

In the sermon, which she captioned `No More Boasting About Men of God, ´ the pastor bemoaned the fact that Christians usually resist decisions taken by authorities when pastors are transferred. Benoni-Wang said many Christians have styled their reasoning to choosing the kind of pastors they want to lead their congregations, a situation which has caused some churches to always react negatively especially when transfers are made in the PCC.

She challenged Christians to be more welcoming to their leaders whenever old ones go on transfer, because every man of God has a gift to excel in a particular domain. She added that when pastors come and go, churches expand in different aspects to the glory of God whose kingdom assignment the leaders are sent to fulfil.

However, the pastor said she was supporting pastors who fail to execute God’s work.
Speaking to the press, the clergy said it is only through constant education, preaching and sensitisation that the PCC would overcome the challenge. The celebration in Kumba Mbeng also recorded a series of activities in the domains of sports and singing. At the end of the service, the Christians raised over FCFA 500,000 for mission work in some enclave parts of Cameroon.

First published in The Post print edition no 01392

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