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PCC Donates Helmets to Bike Riders 

By Kengni Melanie & Chunya Manka’a*

Bike riders in Bamenda recently received helmets which will help secure both their lives and that of their passengers.

This was during a one day workshop on civic, moral and economic empowerment organised by the Lay Training for Evangelisation (LTE) under the coordination of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon. The helmet award ceremony which took place at the Bamenda Presbyterian Church Centre on August 1, 2014, was presided at by the LTE National Secretary and Programme Officer Rev. Jacob Sama Fomusoh and Dr. Sandra Kafui Afanou respectively.

This aid according to Rev. Fomusoh ia aimed at enriching the bike riders with the word of God which also entails caring for one another. He also cautioned the riders to do their job as a vocation, not only striving to earn a living, so as to give glory to God. Jessy Mboas Ebean, representative of LTE, urged riders to stop being recalcitrant and exercise prudence in the discharge of their duties and respect the lives of their passengers, pedestrians and theirs as well.

A talk was presented to the bike riders on the requirements of the Ministry of Transport and road safety measures by Charles Aweno, the Divisional Delegate of Transport, Boyo, who double as the president of CMF Azire, outlined requirements such as; the motor cycle’s petrol tank must be painted yellow, it must have two seats, one for the driver and the other for the passenger.

Each bike must carry two helmets; the bike must have a CEMAC number plate to help in identification and against theft; all motor bike riders must obtain a license called S1 and incur insurance and that sanctions will be meted on defaulters. A resource person, Kingsley Muna, also lectured the bike riders on civic responsibility and called on them to preserve and respect the rules and regulations of their country as citizens.

Felicia Kifen of the Acha Annex Hospital equally gave health tips to the bike riders on personal and mental hygiene. She also gave a rundown on how to take proper care of their hair, nails, mouths, dresses, socks and shoes. She condemned drinking of alcohol, saying that it is a threat to their lives and passengers. On his part, Colonel Williams Ambo educated the riders on the need to respect legal provisions in the discharge of their duties.

He also reiterated the need for bike riders to be in possession of a driver’s license, respect road safety rules and wear a jacket with the number of the council they have been registered under. The Mayor of Bamenda II Council, Fidelis Awah Balick stressed on the fact that the riders should be ambassadors of road safety methods so as to reduce frequent road accidents.

*(CCU Journalism Student on Internship)


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