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PCC Moderator, Synod Clerk Awarded Nkambe Red Feathers 

By Wamey Panky


The Fon of Nkambe, Nfor Ibrahim Jabfu, has awarded the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, Rt. Rev. Dr. Festus A. Asana, and the PCC Synod Clerk, Rev. William Abwenzoh Membong, prestigious red feathers. 

The PCC clergymen received the traditional honours during a courtesy visit to the Nkambe Palace, April 25.

The Reverends and their entourage were on a visit to the Donga-Mantung Presbytery for a thanksgiving service in honour of Rt. Rev. Asana as he goes on retirement soon.

In appreciation for what the Nkambe Fon termed good works, he awarded Asana a red feather and a porcupine quill, rare honours to get at once.

To Abwenzoh, the Fon handed a red feather and praised the Synod Clerk for his productive collaboration with the Moderator. 

Fon Nfor Jabfu also dressed the clergymen in the famous Northwest traditional regalia and gave them a live goat and other food items.

In gratitude, the Moderator said it was a pleasant surprise to him and his collaborators for a traditional ruler to behave as such towards men of God. He thanked the Fon for acknowledging their efforts and commended him for always being observant, kind and generous. 

After a prayer session, individuals and groups offered words of appreciation to the Moderator. 

“We are assembled here in God’s name and presence to meet with him and to thank God with Rt. Rev. Dr. Festus A. Asana and his leadership that has projected the church beyond the frontiers and also to wish him blessings as he retires from this glorious office late 2014. We thank God for his team that guided the entire PCC this far hoping that all shall be well after the Synod elections,” said one of the clergies.

The Chairlady of the PCC Nkambe Town, Mrs. Josephine Massa, praised the Moderator for his deep commitment which bore many fruits within the PCC. 

She said it was thanks to his leadership that the Nkambe PCC and the entire Donga-Mantung Presbytery benefited several favours from hierarchy. 

Mrs. Massa thanked the Moderator for sending them Rev. Pastor Kingsley Titatang, the Donga-Mantung Presbytery Secretary, whom she said is a special pastor. 

She described Rev. Titatang as a development bulldozer and an embodiment of hard work, transparency and justice. Mrs. Massa equally praised the Moderator’s wife, stating that without her he would not have gone so far. She then called on other women to give similar support to their husbands.

The Chairman of the Donga-Mantung Presbytery, Micheal Samari, said during the Asana’s reign, they have witnessed a lot of progress: sufficient posting of pastors and financial growth due to the appointment of good financial managers.

He added that there was great improvement in education. 

For his part, the Moderator said anyone who wants to serve or lead the church or elsewhere must be ready to sacrifice and to be enduring; ready to bear abuses, humiliation and challenges. He said any leader who wants to really serve the people must read the Bible daily in between the lines.

The Moderator called on younger pastors to work strictly according to the dictates of the church and shu things that could stain their leadership. He condemned in strong terms those who preach virtue and practice vice, and said it was more terrible in God’s eyes because as a leader such would derail most of God’s people. He later inaugurated the New Vestry attached to the church, the handiwork of the Parish Pastor, Rev. Kingsley Titatang. 

Rev. Titatang revealed that the Donga-Mantung Presbytery he heads has 64 CWF groups with Mrs. Francisca Nyanda as President, and 22 Parishes.


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