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PCC Pastor Suspends 25 Elders 

By Olive Ejang

The Secretary of Kumba Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, Manfred Ekun, in collaboration with the Pastor of PCC Kumba Mbeng, Rev Peter Nyuyki, has suspended indefinitely all 25 elders of the Church. Reading the suspension letter in the Church recently, Ekun said none of the elders will serve in any church committee during their suspension.

Besides the suspension, Ekun announced the closure of a Bible School operated and run by the congregation in the premises of the church, and terminated Thursday prayers, organised by the congregation. The Secretary also dissolved a group known as "Youths of the Congregation" in the church, and declared that no Christian or group of Christians are expected to be in the church premises after 6 pm without a written authorization from the parish pastor.

Ekun said his orders were offshoots of the existing division in the session and that Nyuyki has been insulted. The elders and the Christians, on their part, said this is a blow on the PCC and Kumba Mbeng in particular. A six-page petition to the PCC Moderator, Festus Asana, calls on him to intervene promptly. The petitioners described the secretary as power-drunk and said the suspension of the elders is not only unconstitutional but breeds bad blood and subsequently chaos, which can lead to division in the church.

The Christians further said that Article 61 of the church’s constitution provides that "elders who fall short of their expectations shall be sanctioned by the congregation on the recommendation of the session." Also, the petitioners said what sparked the flames was a request by Nyuyki for certain incentives.

They said the session refused the incentives for their Parish Pastor, whom they said has a befitting house, paid electricity and water bills, a car, FCFA 65,000 monthly allowance, FCFA 50,000 monthly fuel allowance, a driver paid by the congregation, a night watchman, provision made by the entire congregation on special Sunday collection executed twice a year in hundreds of thousands, and provision made by various groups of the congregation in cash and kind. In addition, the petitioners said that Ekun and Nyuyki’s setting up a caretaker committee is to siphon funds in the name of incentives and church projects.

The Christians said their rights have been violated according to Article 15(iii), which gives them the rights to gather at other times during the week for prayer, worship and conduct bible classes, etc. They said their pastor advanced no reason for banning the weekly prayer. "Why should a Christian of the congregation obtain a written permission to enter the church or remain there after 6 pm? Are there skeletons in the pastor’s cupboard?" they asked.

When The Post contacted Pastor Nyuyki, he said he didn’t want a press war. He said the elders are not employed, but elected by the congregation to assist. He said when they go wrong they are suspended and if their help is no longer needed, they must not go ahead to write a petition.

Nyuyki said the suspension and ban on the Bible School, the youth choir and restriction of those coming to the church is to bring the right doctrine of the PCC back to the church.
Some Christians of the church, who refused to be named, told The Post that since Rev Emmanuel Masock was sent to the Kumba Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 2008 for studies, PCC Kumba Mbeng has been divided.

They said the "Youths of Congregation" was a prayer group raised by Masock to intercede for Christians. They said Masock pulled crowd to the church during Thursday weekly prayers, where he delivered those initiated into witchcraft and demonic kingdoms. The Christians said there has been a steady drop in membership, affecting the finances of the church because there is no continuity.

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