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PCC To Introduce Climate Change Curriculum In Schools 

By Chris Mbunwe

The growing impact of climate change has forced the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, to develop and introduce a curriculum to be taught in all Presbyterian primary schools across the country.

PCC officials with participants at workshop

Addressing top PCC educationists, head teachers of primary schools at the Presbyterian Church Centre Mankon, Bamenda, on September 16, the PCC Synod Clerk, Rev. William Membong Abwenzoh, described the workshop to introduce the curriculum as timely, for children to fight climate change as they grow up.

According to the Synod Clerk, many people bask in what globilisation has done to make life easier for us but a cursory look at the consequences of globilisation paints a very fearful reality of  how man’s action is causing havoc to God’s creation. 

Rev. Abwenzoh said following God’s commandment at creation, man is challenged with the responsibility to sustainably use the resources of the earth, to protect, preserve and care for the earth.  "As a church, the onus lies in our charge to ensure that this Divine responsibility is respected," Abwenzoh said.

He recalled that in July 2009 a forum on environment and climate change was held at the Synod Office in Buea, where the PCC developed a seven-year Environment and Climate Change Plan (2010-2017) which was presented in a forum organised by the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, and the Alliance of Religious and Conservation ARC at Windsor, UK. At this union, the PCC was awarded a certificate for presenting the best climate change plan.   

The Deputy Director of the National Forestry Development Agency, known by its French acronym ANAFOR, Bruno Njombe Ewusi, said, in September 2009, his organisation signed a convention with the PCC on tree planting and forest development. This convention was one of the first steps in the implementation of the PCC Environment and Climate Change Plan and that in the first quarter of 2010, PCC has planted over 110.000 tree seedlings in the three Northern Regions of Cameroon in a project which is ongoing  to plant 100,000 trees in that area.

The main facilitator at the workshop, the Development Secretary of the PCC, Denis Kumbo, said the stakeholders treated topics such as; climate change, tree planting, ecosystem management, agroforestry, community forest development, forest reserve, protection of wetlands and wildlife and pollution.

On how soon and effective the curriculum will be implemented, the PCC Education Secretary, Joseph Baboni, said as soon as the curriculum is established, the PCC together with the Ministry of Basic Education will swing  into action. "We tailored our objectives to let participants understand basic concepts of environment and why we should care for our environment, then draft the curricula for the teaching of climate change and environmental studies in Cameroon." Kumbo stated.

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