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Pentecostal Christians Asked To Register, Vote In Elections 

By Marceline Chick — Maryl Pineda, a lecturer of the University of Abu Dhabi, has called on Pentecostal Christians in Cameroon to massively register and vote in elections. The lecturer, who is also a member of “Born Identity Ministries International,” was speaking to The Post recently during a missionary trip to Kumba.

Pineda observed that it is not enough complaining about a system and staying on the same spot. According to her, Christians must step out, register and vote a righteous leader for change. “We keep asking for change and development but if we don’t vote, it is hopeless. Change should actually start from us,” she stated.

Pineda also encouraged Christians to take leadership positions in all walks of lives provided they don’t compromise their faith. She said there is nothing wrong with Christians becoming politicians or ascending to positions, because, they will have the power, position and resources to affect the lives of people positively. The missionary also encouraged women to be at the forefront of politics, social and economic domain, through education.

She was of the opinion that since knowledge is power, when women are empowered, there shall be a rapid growth of the economy. The lecturer also called on the Christian woman to be obedient and courageous to affect her community through discipleship, teaching, praying, youth ministration, amongst others. She advised Cameroonians to actually seek God’s face, fall in deep love with Jesus more than aspiring His gifts, for their blessings to be eternal.

Pineda said the goal of their ministry is to spread the love of Jesus round the world. She disclosed that before coming to Cameroon, they were in Uganda, and would be going to China in the days ahead, for the same mission. The lecturer announced that they have plans to open an orphanage in Kumba to project the work of Christ.

First published in The Post print edition no 01404          

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