Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Pentecostal Pastors Union Get New President 

By Francis Tim Mbom

Rev. Joseph Baiye Affue, a Limbe-based pastor, was recently elected new leader of the Limbe Pentecostal Ministers Fellowship, LPMF, grouping some 70 pastors from different Christian churches.

Rev. Baiye took over from Pastor Ralph Ayuk of the Real Life Church, whose mandate had ended. Baiye will be aided by Pastor Magie Anyong of the Restoration Ministries as Vice President and Evangelist Kate Tankeh as Secretary General.

Rev. Anne Takor was elected Treasurer while Pastor Mrs. Faithful Ayuk will handle the post of Finance Secretary and Rev. Richard Mbake as Public Relations Officer. Rev. Baiye told The Post that their association is determined to join forces to revive the falling Christian moral standards in the society.

"We are there to bring back the falling standards of Christianity in our society," he said.
He was speaking at the backdrop of a growing worry held by many people that despite the increasing number of clergyman in Cameroon today, moral standards have continued to nose-dive.

Pastor Baiye said LPMF mission is to pray for the protection of Limbe and Cameroon in general and encourage unity and true Christianity among themselves and Christians in general.
"We are there to bring unity among the ministers of God’s word and to stand spiritually to protect Limbe and Cameroon as a whole," he said, adding that the Limbe Pentecostal Ministers decided to come together ten years ago in other to better preach the word of God.

Besides this, Baiye said, the association has also reached out to orphanages with gifts and was also instrumental in offering prayers for the 2001 floods that struck Limbe killing 24 people. "We prayed during the landslide and flood disaster that struck Limbe neighbourhoods like Mawoh, Mabeta New Layout and others and through our prayers, the situation came under control," he said.

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