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Peter Agbor Tabi Enthroned Traditional Ruler in Manyu 

By Enow Arrey Ojong
Professor Peter Agbor Tabi, first assistant secretary general at the Presidency of the Republic, has joined the legion of political leaders in Cameroon who also confiscate traditional power positions in their villages. Agbor Tabi received the scepter of power Monday 19 December at Ndekwai village in the Eyumodjock subvision of Manyu in the South West region.

Agbor Tabi (centre)

Agbor Tabi succeeds his late elder brother Nfor John Agbor Tabi on the throne. Barely a few months after suffering stern rejection from his own people during the 2011 presidential election, the man often tipped to be a likely candidate for the post of Prime Minister has been welcomed by the same people with a crown.
Nfor Peter Agbor Tabi was crowned during a colourful ceremony which began with the initiation of new candidates into the venerated ancestral Ekpen Society, a powerful cult whose members are known to possess mystical supernatural powers among the Manyu people. Several ruling elite from the division occupy the coveted rank of Ssiseko in Ekpen.

In addition to his powerful position at the Presidency of the Republic, Nfor Peter Agbor Tabi now commands as well, powers and the traditional cults within the Ekpen in Ndekwai.

Peter Agbor Tabi is professor of international relations and was former Chancellor of the Yaounde University before his appointment as higher education minister. He later retired to his village before being appointed as Pro-Channcellor of the University of Buea – a post he held until 2006 when students hopped mad on the streets over the shady admission of students at the medical school. Agbor Tabi is now board chair of the University of Yaounde II in addition to his government position.
He passionately campaigned for President Paul Biya during the October 2011 polls but faced stiff resistance from his people who preferred fellow son of Manyu Ayah Paul Abine. Although President Biya was declared winner in the polls, Manyu residents stoutly believe that Ayah Paul was robbed of his victory.

Despite Agbor Tabi’s presence in government, many villages in Manyu remain without roads with underdevelopment and biting poverty still stalking the streets. Access to the division by road is nightmarish considering the deplorable situation of the bush tracks that pass for earth roads. Prof Peter Agbor Tabi reportedly used a motorbike when his car stuck in the mud during the recent election campaign to canvass for support for President Biya.

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