Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Peter Essoka Leads Support For PCC SW Youth Pastor 

By Maxcel Fokwen
National Communication Council, NCC, President, Peter Essoka, Sunday April 8, was among hundreds of Presbyterian faithful, who witnessed the induction ceremony of Rev. Pius Bah Inobuh, as Parish Pastor of PC Three Corners Fiango.
The newly inducted Pastor doubles as Southwest Regional PCC Youth Pastor.

Essoka opened the support session for the vision of the man of God at his new place of assignment with a pledge of FCFA 500,000 to enhance ongoing work at the church premises. According to the ace journalist, the Regional Youth Pastor “is growing and learning” and so deserves every form of support to fulfil his Ministry.
Even before the NCC President could utter a few words, hundreds of parishioners shouted spontaneously as the Rev. Bah introduced Essoka as “the President’s interpreter.”

Besides Essoka, scores of other Christians drawn from the different places where Rev. Bah has served also joined the support movement to ease the expansion vision of the Pastor in his new parish.
Presbyterian English Choir Association, PECA National President, Epey Bissong Nkongho, told reporters that the Christians of PC Three Corners should thank God for giving them a man of vision.
Epey said they should be able to make full use of the versatile servant of God, given the exploits already recorded.
Rev. Bah is also National Chaplain of PECA.

Preach Hope
In a sermon at the induction ceremony, the Secretary Committee of the Ministry, Rev. Johnson Bissong, charged the man of God to bring hope to God’s people as he embarks on his assignment.
Ministering on the theme “there will be change”, the Secretary Committee of the Ministry charged his colleague to reorganise the spirituality of God’s people and prepare them for the second coming of Christ.
The Chairperson of the congregation, Namata Ediage, took delight in the achievements recorded under Bah and appealed for him to be left at PC Three Corners till retirement.
Speaking to reporters, the Rev. Bah said the glory for his induction and all the good memories shared of his past exploits at the occasion goes to God.
He averred that his focus was on Christ to help him fulfil what he has set him to execute in his new place of assignment.

On the charge from his hierarchy, the man of God said the death and resurrection of Christ makes Christianity a religion of hope to those who believe in God.
Bah challenged youths to put their trust in God irrespective of the challenges.
Bah told The Post that the appeal for him to serve at his present station till retirement is a mere expression of wish from God’s people.
Rev. Bah is a Master student at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary, PTS, Kumba, who was born in 1979. He attended St Therese Catholic School Fiango.
After primary education, Bah attended Government Technical School, GTC Mundemba then GTHS Kumba before reverting to general education.

He would enrol into Ages Comprehensive College Kumba for his advanced level. In 2002, Bah gained admission into PTS and graduated in 2005 with a Theology degree.
He has served the PCC in different capacities for 13 years. He is also author of several publications.