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PMUC Management Hailed For Acquiring Insurance Policy 

By Joe DingaPefok

The General Manager of the National Social Insurance Fund, NSIF, Alain Noel Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame, has hailed the management of PMUC, for encouraging its sales agents to subscribe to the new voluntary insurance policy which was launched on November 3, 2014.
Akame was speaking at a ceremony which was organised at the PMUC headquarters in Douala on January 28, 2015, to officially launch the registration of PMUC sale agents by NSIF, for the voluntary insurance policy.
The voluntary insurance policy provides for old age pension, and covers disability and death. The insurance policy is designed for workers or auto entrepreneurs who are not on fixed salaries, like sale agents whose payment contract is based on the terms of the commissions they earn on their outputs.
As soon as the voluntary insurance policy was launched late last year by NSIF, the management of PMUC immediately took interest in it, as it offers a great opportunity to sale agents of the company to be insured.
The management of PMUC and NSIF then worked out a partnership for the insurance programme. Considering that subscription for the insurance policy is by Law, a voluntary decision taken by an individual.
The PMUC and NSIF then embarked on a sensitisation campaign, to encourage PMUC sale agents to realise the importance of the voluntary insurance policy and subscribe to it.

At the January 28 occasion, Akame stated that it is rare to find a company like PMUC that encourages workers to insure themselves. He said his presence in Douala with his collaborators was to demonstrate the appreciation and encouragement of the NSIF management to PMUC that recognises the importance of insurance cover.
Akame called on other companies to emulate the example of PMUC.
To the hundreds of PMUC agents, the NSIF General Manager reiterated the importance and advantages of insuring with NSIF. He added that if a man holding the voluntary insurance policy dies, the wife of the deceased benefits, and vice versa. If both parents die, the children get the benefits. He asserted that the voluntary insurance policy is a project of investing for the future.
Akame assured the PMUC sales agents that they have no reason to be scared in taking an insurance policy with NSIF, which is a State owned institution. He insisted that NSIF will never die just like the State of Cameroon will never die.
Great Interest
The GM of PMUC, Paul Louis Tasso, praised the General Manager of NSIF, for being at the occasion. According to Tasso, his presence was proof of the importance he attaches to the PMUC-NSIF partnership for the voluntary insurance policy.
Taso also lauded the initiative by NSIF to create the voluntary insurance policy to enable those in the auto entrepreneurs sector like PMUC agents to get an insurance policy, which will, among other things, enable them in future to benefit from old age pension. He said, as a citizen-friendly enterprise, PMUC spares no effort in ameliorating the standards of living of its personnel.
The PMUC boss said management was quite pleased with the positive reaction of the company’s sale agents towards the voluntary insurance policy. He noted that, following the sensitisation campaign, over 200 PMUC sale agents have already subscribed to the voluntary insurance policy.
He further noted that the files of over 300 more agents are being processed for the voluntary insurance policy. He said PMUC management was quite impressed with the interest shown by the agents, as seen in their massive subscription.
Tasso announced that, from this February, the sensitisation campaign and the subscription of interested sales agents will be handled at the regional level by all PMUC Regional Offices.
He stressed on the strict respect of the Law in the exercise, reiterating that no one has to be forced to subscribe to the NSIF’s voluntary insurance policy. He said after sensitisation of the agents on the advantages of the insurance policy, they have to be left to individually and freely appreciate the project.

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