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PMUC Sponsors Isnebo, FAADAH KAWTAL 

By Bless Zoshe*

The horse-racing company, PMUC, has officially presented the fourth musical album of Cameroonian artist, Isnebo and his group, FAADAH KAWTAL, to the press.

The ceremony took place Friday, September 2, at the PMUC head office in Douala.
Presenting their latest gem titled ‘’Mariam’’ to the press, the artist revealed that the album contains nine tracks, sung in four languages: Arab-Shwa, Guidar, French and his native Fulfulde.

Isnebo explained that the songs dwell on themes like love, the concerns of a farmer in the arid northern region, as well as tributes to Roger Milla and a deceased member of the group, ‘’MOCTAR’’, who passed on two years ago. He said the theme song, ‘’Mariam’’ is a folkloric love piece sung by some old women presently in Djamena, Tchad, to which he gave a new touch, by adding some contemporary flavour.

On the number of languages he explained that the idea was to make a difference from the usual Fulfulde, which targeted and satisfied only a particular group. He said it was also a means of bringing their international experiences to bear on their music, with the inclusion of rhythms like Jazz and Salsa.

Quizzed on the issues of piracy, promotion of the album, the influx of foreign rhythms, the spokesman for group condemned piracy, but said it was more of Government’s responsibility as is the case with other counties which have specialised structures for distribution and combating all forms of illegal transactions in the sector. He blamed the media for giving more than deserved attention to foreign genres at the detriment of local talents.

The Marketing Manager of PMUC, Aude Nlembe, said PMUC decided to sponsor the album purely for talent sake and that it had nothing to do with their commercial objectives. “We just met and matched. They were young, talented; they play authentic music and that was enough for us to choose them and to go as far as possible with them in this cruel artistic atmosphere in Cameroon,’’ Nlembe said. ‘

“They bring us happiness, joy, originality, authenticity and their music is like sunshine. It has nothing to do with PMUC products,’’ Nlembe added. Besides Isnebo and FAADAH KAWTAL, PMUC has a long standing history of promoting Cameroonian artists, some of whom include Bantou Possi, Tom Yoms, Petit Pays, and Big B-Z.

 Also present at the event were some curious fans, who danced to the rhythm of tracks like ‘’Goumba Balewa’’, ‘’Amoureux du Monde Entier’’ and ‘’Mariam’’. The interaction between PMUC and Isnebo, can be traced from many years ago, when the latter featured with late Tom Yoms in the recording of a jingle for ‘’Tierce’’.

The artist Isnebo, born Daniel Haman on January 20, 1966, in North Cameroon, founded the group FAADAH KAWTAL in 1992, in Garoua. Thanks to the late Tom Yoms, they moved to Douala in 1993, where they eventually shone to success.

The group has won many national and international competitions and awards, as well as performed on giant podiums across the globe, prominent among them; the 2007 UNESCO General Assembly in Paris, France, alongside Manu Dibango, Andre-Marie Talla and Henry Dikongue; the Toolewood Festival in Germany; they performed before six Heads of State of the CEMAC region, in Yaounde; and recorded the soundtrack of the film ‘’Le Maitre des Elephants’’, produced by Frenchman Patrick Grand Perret.

Isnebo and FAADAH KAWTAL now have four albums, notably; ‘’Derkedjo’’ in 1996, ‘’ Kilanta’’ in 1998, ‘’Divine’’ recorded in 2001, and ‘’Mariam’’ in 2011.

*(UB Journalism Student On Internship) 

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