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PNDP Donates Computers To New Mayors 

By Chris Mbunwe

CameroonPostline.com — The National Community Driven Development Programme (PNDP) recently donated 24 computers alongside accessories to the newly elected mayors of the Northwest Region. Presiding at the ceremony that took place at the Regional Delegation of MINEPAT, Up-station in Bamenda, Northwest Governor, Adolf Lele L,Afrique, called on the Mayors to put the computers into good use so as to render the councils more effective during this period that development projects have been hinged on decentralization, championed by the PNDP.

The Governor reminded the Mayors that the heavy hand of the law will not spare any of them who will be caught in embezzlement of State funds. “Let me make it abundantly clear to all of you that as from the day you took over the council and the day you will leave, if embezzlement is discovered, even after you are no longer Mayor, the State will follow you up and recover the stolen money,” the Governor warned.

He praised PNDP for sponsoring so many projects in the councils of the Northwest, namely; electricity, health units, construction of classrooms, water and many more. The Northwest Regional Coordinator of PNDP, Syprene Sab, said the new computers would help speed up work, unlike in the past where reports were badly handled and were not presentable, not to talk of such reports reaching Bamenda on time.

He said the Global Positioning System, GPS, is the best for all the Mayors to imbibe. In order to facilitate movement, the PNDP Coordinator recalled that his organisation supplied seven motorbikes to some councils last year and will soon donate more in the course of this year. Apart from material assistance, Sab said a lot of training programmes have been lined-up for the Mayors, Secretaries General and Council Development Officers, CDOs, for the smooth running of Councils.

According to Sab, the public has the erroneous conception that PNDP is a financial institution.
“We are not a financial house that dishes out money; we are an organisation that builds the capacity of councils and, that is all. So, let people stop coming to us for money to sponsor projects,” Sab said. The Mayor of Mbengwi, Beatrice Tebe, acknowledged the tremendous work being carried out in Mbengwi by PNDP, adding that the computers will greatly facilitate her work, because, the computers are the latest in the market.

“The world has gone technological and those lagging behind will arrive too late; as such, we must get to work now,” Mayor Tebe noted. The 24 Mayors and their CDOs continued with a two-day training on capacity building at Jormaz Hotel in Bambui. The main facilitator, Pascal Kolo, a Francophone from PNDP, impressed the participants with brilliant inputs delivered in impeccable English.

First published in The Post print edition no 01479

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