Monday, June 17, 2019
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Poem: Copenhagen Blues 

By Adams Bouddih

Brown and curved at the edges
Easily blown away by breezes
Petals and leaves leave branches
Rendering naked their mother trees

Sweltering sun draining moisture
Grass burnt brown turns spongy
Depriving the land of pastures
Oh! Mother Earth dying of thirst

The West yearn protection today
Of woods they raped yesterday
Yet unwilling to pay reparations
Ask what happened to their own

Harbinger of approaching furnace
This wrath of warning unheeded
Drying life out of flora and fauna
With it man and divine luxuriance

Quivering in end-of-world fright
Black stooges join White masters
Buckets-full of tears on Danish soil
To mourn Nature they auctioned

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