By AGBOR .R. Agbor

Swinging and sweating yet powdered by dust
Singing the unseen glories of the past
Man No Rest flung us from side to side
Coco-nuts and garri bags as our seats
Yet no vision as even the interior of the wagon is dust
Sing no song of happiness as the dust gets into your molars

And the miserable waves from underfed infant
Nursing mothers lined up from Okoyong to Mabanda
Remember us in the road, the heaven-party of the Reward
Not Mamfe though, but elites littered along the road
Snuffing dust and writing motions of support

Change the names as you like
Mamfe Division
Cross River Division
Manyu Division
Soil of Professors Division
Pro-government Party Division
Assam and Nkame will never have a road
No water to drink, we must get drown at Ottobone
No lights, we must swim in the mud to Ajasso
No teachers, so ‘Parents take over!’
And the darkness even on the super highway
Of modern Information and Communication Technologies

Sing us a song of two shillings and see how Mamfe passed
Like a flash in the sun
Is it makossa that has replaced mbolombo
Or the coat that has taken over sanja?
Which sanja? Sanja that Kouamo ordered
The gun-swinging mallams to rush to Okoroba?

Hear him:
‘Unsex them; beat them up, burn all the Nyamkpe paraphernalia
I am the god of Manyu’
Even that is a Timber exploiting joke

No! Mamfe
Put down your pens and put on your thinking caps
Call Nguti, Wone, Kurume and Mabanda
They all enjoy the mud and dust and pull and push
Man No Rest since nobody will rest until
Man No Rest will rest