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Police Arrest 4 Hostage Taking Suspects 

By George Arrey Agbor — The Judicial Police in Douala have begun investigating a matter concerning four individuals who were arrested for taking a young man hostage and requesting a ransom.

The four were taken into custody by elements of the Rapid Intervention Unit recently. The four suspects, Abbo Ahmadou, Abbo Mohamadou, Mohamadou Oumarou and Abdoulaye were arrested at Terminus Saint Michel. 

After having received a distress call from a Senior Marine Officer, Simon Bemi Nlemba, that his younger brother had been taken captive by unidentified men at Texaco Aeroport at about 10pm, the Rapid Intervention Unit led by 2nd Grade Police Inspector, Joseph Lawa, rushed to the scene. Following a search and upon indication by a former victim, the policemen found the hide-out of the suspects.

Upon seeing the policemen, one of the suspects, Abdoulaye, tried to escape using a motorcycle. But the Rapid Intervention Unit were faster than him. The two others, Abbo Mohamadou and Mohamadou Oumarou were extracted from behind the bushes from their hiding place with their motorcycle of mark Bajaj.

As for Abbo Ahmadou, he could run no more as he was equally apprehended. The four hostage taken suspects were brought to the Regional Department of the Judicial Police in Bonanjo where investigations have been opened to know the whereabouts of the young man and the amount of their purported ransom.

First published in The Post print edition no 01370

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