Sunday, November 18, 2018
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Police Constable Dies In Nightclub Brawl 

By Elvis Tah

A police constable, Germain Bepather Edongue, reportedly died in the wee hours of Sunday, October 17 after a scuffle at a nightclub in Buea, Southwest Region.

The Post gathered that Bepather, who was attached to the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR, at the Man O’ War Bay, got to Jupiter Nightclub dressed in mufti, with two of his colleagues, one of them in uniform, and insisted on entering the nightclub. An eyewitness said the policemen claimed that two girls who were inside the nightclub had duped them of money and that they wanted to arrest the girls. 

While they were arguing with the bouncers at the entrance, The Post learned, a regular Jupiter patron, a certain Ayuk Akuri, who was about getting into the nightclub, asked why an officer wanted to enter the nightclub in uniform. This, however, did not seem to go down well with Bepather, who is said to have immediately grabbed Akuri and a fight ensued.

The Post learned that as the policemen wrestled with Akuri, one of the bouncers, who was trying to stop the fight, fell and hurt himself and his colleagues got angry, bundled the policemen out of the nightclub confines and got them well thrashed. Reports say as they engaged in the rough and tumble, the officer in uniform phoned the Rapid Intervention Police, ESIR, but by the time ESIR arrived, the bouncers had vanished, leaving Bepather unconscious on the ground.

They reportedly arrested the manager of the nightclub and one of the workers and sealed the place. They took Bepather to the Buea Regional Hospital Annex where he was pronounced dead. His corpse is presently at the mortuary. Meanwhile, The Post learned that Ekuri is also at large and the manager of Jupiter was released on Tuesday and to help the police with investigations in Kumba, where he recruited the bouncers.

Attempts by The Post to get the Commissioner of GMI to comment on the issue proved futile.  At the Buea Central Police, The Post was told that the police cannot comment on an issue which is still under investigation. By press time, The Post learned that elements of the Buea Judicial Police were still in Kumba carrying out investigations, while the nightclub remained sealed.

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