Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Police Detonate Another ‘Bomb’ In Bamenda 

By Chris Mbunwe

On October 20, at about 8.00am, students and teachers of Presbyterian Comprehensive High School, PCHS, and the population of Azeri New Church Junction in Bamenda, were astounded by an explosion of what onlookers described as a “bomb.”

Teachers of PCHS, who spoke to The Post, said the night watchman of the school discovered a shopping bag at the entrance of the Presbyterian Church premises that habours PCHS also. Opening it, he saw a gas bottle with a mobile phone attached to it. He then alerted the police who were on duty and the later informed the Regional Police Boss, who instructed them to detonate the “bomb.”

Though the police sent the population to a safe distance before detonating the “bomb”, the noise of the explosion still caused a stampede. While some students succeeded in escaping home, some parents rushed to the school to withdraw their children. The school authorities succeeded in convincing parents not to withdraw their children after narrating how it happened and assuring them of maximum security.

Talking to The Post, the Principal of the PCHS, David Ndoh Che, said the ‘bomb’ detonating took place at the gate of the Presbyterian Church Azeri more than 100 meters away from the gate of his school and, as such, no child was hurt.

“There are false stories how so many children were injured and others hospitalised. No student was injured. Parents who heard the noise of the explosion rushed to the school and, before it even happened, the police had mounted barricades to bar anybody, including students, from coming closer to the stonewall where the bag containing the gas bottle and phone was lying.

What we observed was the conflict some parents demonstrated as a wife will rush to pick the child and the husband will be against the idea. The good thing is that we had more than 200 out of the 500 students on campus and we continued with classes and, by midday, some of them who got scared and left the school came back,” Ndoh said.

The October 20 incident has brought to four the number of ‘bomb blasts’ in Bamenda. It should be noted that a police officer was injured in the earliest bomb blasts that occurred a month ago at the Hospital Roundabout.