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Police, Gendarmes Hunt SCNC Activists Over Flag 

By Maxcel Fokwen

SCNC flag hoisted at Kumba grandstand

SCNC flag hoisted at Kumba grandstand

Police and gendarme officers in Kumba, Southwest Region, December 5, set out to hunt unidentified persons who reportedly hoisted a flag of the SCNC and burnt car tyres along some streets in that town.

The security officers combed the streets and neighbourhoods of Kumba to prevent any ugly scene from erupting in town.

Early in the morning, Kumba had woken up to news that Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) flags had been hoisted in some key positions in town.

Reports said the flags were spotted around the Commercial Avenue. At the same time, tyres were set on fire around the Mbonge Road neighbourhood.

At Hill Top Fiango, the security officers succeeded in restoring calm after a misunderstanding between a taxi driver and a gendarme officer almost went out of control.

Motorcycle taxi riders (bendskin) had flooded the scene and were spoiling for the worst but for the police intervention.

It is reported that the gendarme officer accused the taxi driver of attempting to knock him down. The officer in retaliation is said to have demanded the key and documents of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the bendskins were blamed for masterminding the burning of tyres on the road. Some shouted from within the crowd cursing municipal authorities over bad road networks while others said the City of Kumba has been stagnant without any meaningful development.

For their part, city dwellers have accused the bendskins of being the vectors of anti-institutional actions that threaten public peace.
Security Alert

Since Monday’s incident, the security forces in Kumba have remained on alert to face off any threat to peace. Police and gendarme patrols have been increased across the city.

Added to the tense atmosphere following the on-going Common Law lawyers’ and teachers’ strikes, most parents have continued to keep their children at home.

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