Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Police Nab Alleged Paedophile 

By Coretta Penn Achu

Police have apprehended a man in the Socada neighbourhood in Bafoussam, for allegedly raping some young boys.

Jonas Mwatsock, 35, an ex-teacher, who passed for a local football trainer had earlier created a club named, FC Barcelone, wherein he recruited young boys aged 8-15 years by making fake promises of sending them to play in Europe. For the past four years, he frequently organised football tournaments, during which he would reportedly sodomise the young boys. On Thursday, May 21, the forces of law and order acting on a tip-off from the mother of one of the victims arrested Mwaksock.

The woman’s attention had been drawn by her son’s incapacity to suddenly walk correctly. She then persistently interrogated the boy, who finally gave in and told her about the ungodly conditions he had been submitted to by his ‘coach.’ Sources say the boy confessed to have been raped through the anus by this man.

The alleged paedophile was immediately arrested. Police sources further reveal that Jonas Mwatsock declared to have received a black stone from a certain witch doctor from Mbouda, who promised it would make him rich in the space of five years, coupled with the occult practices on young boys. It is worth noting that during his professional life as a teacher, the presumed culprit has been fired several times by his bosses for alleged sexual assault.

Meanwhile, the parents of the children that had been placed under his care were appalled at the news and have since then not ceased to invade the premises of the Bafoussam Territorial Brigade, where Jonas is presently under custody, in order to get more details of the case.
Investigations are currently going on to shed more light on the matter.

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