Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Police Nab Nine Suspects In Kumbo 

The Kumbo Police recently arrested some nine suspects at Mbveh, in connection with the death of Christopher Konglim, aka Ta-a Kimbo.

Ta-a Kimbo was found dead under a truck at Mbveh Motor Park at about 3pm. According to a relative, before his demise, Ta-a Kimbo was seen with a wounded head. 

Ta-a Kimbo is said to have been mentally deranged and made his living through stealing and selling. He was once married and a father of five children. But reports have it that the deceased drove away his wife when he started suffering from the fits of madness.

According to sources, after sending his wife and children away, Ta-a Kimbo destroyed the house in which they were living in and returned to his father’s compound in Mbinkar. 

Although the exact cause of his death is not known, people are convinced that Konglim must have died as a result of excessive bleeding from the wounded head. 

Rumours abound that the deceased must have been beaten up severely for stealing. However, Police have opened investigations to determine the cause of his death.

Meanwhile, an autopsy was carried out on his corpse, before it was taken to the Shisong Catholic Mortuary pending burial. 

By Peter Adi Fonte 

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