Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Police Officer Threatens To Kill The Post Reporter 

By Isidore Abah

“Don’t laugh with me, I am not an Anglophone. I didn’t leave Yaounde to come to Kumba and be laughing with Anglophones. I was sent here to kill and if you joke with me I will kill you.”

These were the words of an enraged police officer directed to The Post Kumba Bureau Chief, Maxcel Fokwen, on Friday June 15, at about 6:15 pm at the Kumba newspaper stand.

Fokwen had gone to the famous Kumba newspaper kiosk to pick up a copy of his newspaper when the police officer and his colleagues surfaced at the newspaper stand, accusing him of being an Ambazonia spy and threatening to smoke down The Post’s Kumba Bureau Chief with his gun.

Recounting the story to this reporter, Fokwen said: “a Police officer walked up to me at the Kumba newsstand. He then beckons on me to come. Afterwards, he asked me to produce my National Identity Card and what followed next was a series of unending questions in French.

Despite telling him that I came to collect a newspaper, the officer insisted and then told his colleague on duty ‘chef voici l’ambazonie qui vient ici. I retorted that I don’t understand what he was talking about. When I smiled and informed him that I am a Journalist, who often visits their service for professional duty, he instead gave me a stern warning. “Eh ne blague pas avec moi, je ne suis pas un Anglophone. Je ne vien pas ici pour ris avec toi. Je te tue maintenant.’”

He said after threatening him, the police officer started demanding his professional card. “But I told him that it was a public holiday and that I left my professional card at home. Before I could speak further, he looked at the complexion of my hands keenly then opened up my undies and said he was going to find out about me.

I maintained that I could not connect with all his insinuations. The officer makes a few steps towards the newsstand and then returned my credentials promising doom,” he said.

The Post Bureau Chief said after the incident with the police officer, he immediately contacted the Kumba Central Police Commissioner and reported the matter.

Going by him, the Commissioner has promised to investigate into the matter. It should be stressed here that since the escalation of the Anglophone Crisis, The Post’s reporters have been subjected to administrative and military witch-hunting and intimidation. The June 15 incident in Kumba is just one out of the many intimidations and threatening calls directed to the staff of the media organ.