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Police Seal Limbe News Kiosk, Arrest Vendor, 6 Others 

By Francis Tim Mbom

People run helter-skelter – their belongings flying in different directions – when the police stormed Limbe’s main newsstand at Half Mile, January 21, and arrested the news vendor and six others.

The police then sealed the shop, which is the main newspaper kiosk in Limbe. The vendor and six people from among the crowd that was reading newspapers were whisked into detention while the others escaped
The order to seal the newspaper kiosk reportedly emanated from the SDO for Fako.

The Manager of Tchitos MTN Credit Distribution Service, Fokou Hilaire, later intimated that some of the people at the shop at the time of the arrest were either reading newspapers or had come to buy airtime.

Released overnight, Fokou Hilaire, Tchitos’ main vendor, said they were arrested by the Commissioner of the Special Rapid Intervention Unit of the police (ESIR).

He said before his release, he was warned by the police to stop selling any newspaper that publishes things about the Anglophone Problem.

He said he was also told to report anyone who comes to the kiosk and talks about the Anglophone Problem.

Tchio Thomas, prominent businessman and staunch member of the CPDM, who owns the shop, was reportedly out of town when the sealing of the kiosk and the arrest of his worker and customers took place.

Meanwhile, according to the police, those arrested have been using the newsstand as a meeting point to hatch plans for Anglophone resistance in Limbe.

They warned that they will not want to see more than three persons at anytime time around the kiosk.

The sealing of the newspaper kiosk has been seen by members of the public as Government’s desperate attempts to completely frustrate the media that have been keeping the public informed through newspapers about the ongoing Anglophone struggle.

“To close a newsstand means denying the Limbe public of the right to be informed,” observed a concerned Limbe resident.

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