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Police Stop Crowd From Lynching Two Suspect Murderers 

By Joe Dinga Pefok – Law enforcement agents in Douala, Saturday, April 7, intervened to stop a demonstration by inhabitants in Nylon-Teregal neighbourhood against the killing of a pregnant woman by two bandits.

In one of the most gruesome acts known to have ever happened in Douala, the bandits drove a knife into the virginal of the pregnant woman, and fleeced her of the money and other valuables she had on her. She was abandoned unconscious in the pool of her own blood.

According to the chilling story, the pregnant woman developed severe pains in the wee hours of April 7. Realising that she was in labour,  the lady, who was apparently alone in the house, decided to brave it to a nearby health centre in the slum quarter. It was then about 4 am. Unfortunately, she fell into the hands of the hoodlums. They then stabbed her and took off.

After the hoodlums took off, sympathisers rushed the woman, who was then unconscious, to the Nylon District Hospital.  Sources at the hospital said the foetus had passed away immediately the bandits stabbed her. The lady too finally passed away shortly after she was taken to the hospital.

Bandits Blocked From Receiving Treatment 

Boiling in rage, the population of Nylon-Teregal neighbourhood spread out in hunt for the villains. The population tracked down the two suspects as they were attempting to sneak away. They were immediately subjected to a snake beating by the angry mob. But the elements from the 14th Police District arrived at the scene and rescued the bandits.

The police took the two to the same Nylon District Hospital, where their victim had died that early morning. Her corpse had been moved to the hospital’s mortuary.  The presence of the duo at the hospital further inflamed the situation. Hundreds of people stormed the hospital, and vowed that the bandits would not be administered treatment.

The angry mob warned the hospital staff against giving the bandits any medical treatment. Helpless in the face of the anger of the crowd that was rapidly swelling into hundreds, the police ‘squeezed’ the bandits out of the hospital, probably to another hospital far away from the neighbourhood.

Less than a month ago, at Logbessou neighbourhood, still in Douala III, a gang of five bandits robbed, tortured and raped an eight month pregnant woman. Fortunately for the woman, she survived the ordeal.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01334

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