Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Police Storm Maryland Printers, Seize Pirated Books 

By Peterkins Manyong

Police recently stormed Maryland Printer, a popular Bamenda based printing house, seizing copies of pirated works. The police, of the Bamenda Third District, acted on the instructions of the State Counsel for Mezam. The order followed a complaint jointly by George Taminang Mofor and Joshua Mukoro, Director of Goodwill Continental, author and supplier of the books.

The police first went without a search warrant and were prevented from carrying out the search. After obtaining a warrant from the State Counsel, following the complaint dated September 3, they reportedly stormed the printing outfit and caught the printers printing the books. The accused is one Julius Awazi Bah, controller of Maryland Printers.

A second complaint, dated September 9, signed by Barrister Eric Tanifum, lawyer for the complainants, pleads with the Mezam State Counsel to authorise the Commissioner of the Third Police District to seize all the pirated books from Maryland Printers, in shops in Bamenda and everywhere because, despite the seizure of the few copies following his orders, Maryland Printers reportedly continued printing the books. The complaint ends by recalling the December 19, 2009 law on authors and neighbouring rights.

Speaking to The Post, Taminang, author of the books, narrated his ordeal with Maryland Printers whom he said owe him FCFA 250 million. He said the printers even went as far as printing books which were not authorised in the original contract with Maryland. Also contacted, Awazi denied pirating Taminang’s books. He said he was going to prove so in court.

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