Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Policeman Nearly “Drowns” In Pit Toilet 

By Peter Adi Fonte

A retired police officer, Abel Nsailah, was June 17, rescued from a pit latrine at Lyonga Street, Tobin, Kumbo in Bui Division. According to those who rescued him, with the use of a ladder and a rope, Abel Nsailah visited the toilet and the slab suddenly collapsed with him into the pit latrine. People who were gulping raffia palm wine in a nearby house heard his distress call and rushed to the scene to find Nsailah standing inside the toilet and parts of his body soiled with excreta.

The people looked for a ladder at once and sent down a rope for him to tie around his hands and he was pulled out. He sustained some injuries on his knees. After pulling him out, his clothes were removed and he was given a bathe. After bathing him, the ‘good Samaritans’ sent a message to his family at Bajing to bring his clothes. Having dressed up, Nsailah was rushed to the Kumbo Sub divisional Hospital for treatment.

Nsailah disclosed that he was on his way to the Kumbo Council that morning but decided to stop over to relieve himself, before the incident occurred. He was grateful to God for saving his life. He said, but for the shallow nature of the toilet, he would have completely sunk in the pit latrine.

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