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Poor Children Need Our Support- Link-Up 

By Benoit Kiven*

Over 200 persons, both young and old, answered present to the second edition of the “One Child – One Meal”, organised on August 13, by a Buea-based NGO known as Link-Up Charity Foundation.

LINK-UP One Child One Meal event

The August 13 event took place at the Cameroon Cultural Centre, Buea, animated by kids from Roots For Kids, a sister organisation that provides a home for needy children, under the patronage of Valentine Asontia Fon, Regional Delegate of Social Affairs. In his welcome address, Roland Musi, Executive President of Link-Up preached the gospel of love and charity.

“The fundamental principle of the organisation is to foster the welfare of the needy children, by providing them with education and shelter. The One Child – One Meal is a splendid and unique opportunity for children to meet with their sponsors and potential sponsors and share a meal together.

“We do collaborate with the government and some companies which provided one-time support, but we are trying to establish a situation whereby we can have a lasting continuous support and sponsorship from companies and other international organisations.”

Nevertheless, Musi told The Post that they have faced many difficulties in trying to get sponsors.
“International donor communities and other diplomatic bodies have refused to identify with this type of intervention we care out for, because they think it is the responsibility and priority of the home government to do so,” he said.

However, according to Musi, Link-Up has since its creation rescued children who fall within the cracks of the family and community support systems as they develop. “This initiative has been growing from strength to strength thanks to the continued efforts of our staff, as well as local and international volunteers. All children are a gift from God and should be treated with love,” he said.

The Chief of Statistics at the Regional Delegation of Social Affairs, Ewombue Njie, presented exhaustive statistics on the number of vulnerable and needy children in the Southwest Region.
Hear him: “Statistics gathered three years ago show that there exist over 18,000 orphans and vulnerable children. However, if one were to extrapolate, then the number should be going approximately 20,000.”

He enumerated a litany of determinants to make parents and benefactors understand the feelings of children, while calling on matrons and patrons who are already sponsors of children, to meet and hear from these children.

“It is also an occasion to engage new matrons and patrons to foster the ever-growing number of needy children in need of assistance. These children remain our top priority and we shall continue to work hard to expose them to the best sponsorship opportunities,” Ewombue said.
The DO for Buea said, “I encourage Link-Up to continue on a good footing, but I promise to table the plights of the organisation to the higher authorities.”

Created 10 years ago, Link-Up is an NGO and humanitarian organisation whose fundamental objective is to give assistance to underprivileged children, especially in the milieu of education.
Link-Up has set up a platform to help at least 500 needy children within four Regions of the national territory of Cameroon through the “Help A Child” programme.

(UB Journalism Student on Internship)

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