Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Population Tear-gassed After Military Truck Crushes People, Cars 

By Basil K Mbuye & Joshua Boanong

Wreckage left behind by military truck’s rampage

Police in Buea tear-gassed an angry population on Friday, October 20, after military truck crushed many cars and killed two people, resulting in road blocks burning of call boxes and games booths.

At about 7.00pm, October 20, a recklessly speeding military truck at the Malingo Junction in Buea crushed about 10 cars (taxis and private) killing two and wounding about 20 people, bounced off its lane and crossed the opposite lane and fell across the pedestrian track.

The military truck, belonging to the Gendarmerie Nationale, was said to have been headed for Douala with reinforcements to stop the march organised by the Social Democratic Front, SDF, party in solidarity with the Anglophones in the ongoing crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Regions where hundreds of people were shot dead by Government troops.

Following the accident, the population surged and was agitating. A gendarme pick-up zoomed in and the gendarmes who had been in the ill-fated military truck ran and jumped into it and it zoomed off thus escaping from the fury of the population.

The corpse of a University of Buea final year student whose head was smashed and her body ripped open in the accident was abandoned on the tarmac. People could be heard shouting in anger: “Wuna dong kill we with gun, ee no correct, wuna want kill we now na with motor eh?”

As the agitation rose, scores of policemen, heavily armed, were immediately brought in to apparently scare off the population from reacting.

The Police ordered the civilians who were working ankle deep to rescue persons trapped in over 10 vehicles which were affected, to stay off. Meantime, good Samaritans ferried the injured to the Buea Regional Hospital.

According to an eyewitness account, the civilians were trying to rescue a driver trapped in his taxi, gendarmes came out of the Molyko Police Station just few metres away from the accident scene and fired guns in the air. They lined up across the road blocking traffic. The corpse of the girl was then carted away to an undisclosed place.

The population mobilised and started throwing stones at the police. The police fired teargas at the population. This caused businesses along the road to shutdown and their operators retired to their homes, while some angry youths started mounting road blocks. Some went up to the Checkpoint – Malingo stretch of the main road where they mounted barricades with call boxes, games booths, wreckage of cars to which the set fire.

The youth became wilder when a girl returned from the Buea Regional Hospital Morgue and narrated how she was blocked at the entrance of the hospital. She said she was told that no one died in the accident.

“I went to the scene and saw my friend lying dead on the ground. They came and took her away. When I went to the hospital, they told me no one had died,” she said sobbing.

At this point the population started hauling insults at the police and pulling any movable thing along on roadsides on to the road.

Nora Ewane’s Corpse Abandoned At Limbe Hospital

The corpse of a final year UB student, Nora Ewane, that was carted away by the troops was traced by The Post to the Limbe Hospital Mortuary where it was abandoned by the forces.

According to reports, Nora Ewane spent the entire day at home with her mother. That evening, she left the house to see off her mother who was travelling to Limbe. After seeing her mother off at Checkpoint Molyko, she decided to go to Malingo Junction to buy mesh for her hair-do. She was crossing the road when she met instant death from the military truck.

After a few calls, the social media was flooded with pictures of late Nora Ewane. The sad news reached her family in the Checkpoint neighbourhood and her mother was called to return to Buea. When she arrived at the family residence and was given the news, she fainted.

The family went to the Buea Mortuary to see if their daughter’s corpse was there, but the search was futile. It was only at about 2.00am that they called the Limbe Hospital Mortuary and the attendant told them that a corpse from an accident was brought there. The mortuary attendant had to describe the dress Nora Ewane had on before the family could confirm that she was their daughter.

Since Nora Ewane’s body was seriously damaged with her head scattered and her private part and belly ripped open, the family was advised that she should be buried soonest.

The UB final year in the Department of Law, who just finished writing her re-sit exam, was just awaiting the graduation list.
One of the gendarme officers involved in the accident died on Saturday, October 21 morning, while the driver of the military truck is said to be under life-support.

Meantime, while some people think the accident was a result of brake failure in the military truck, others blame military men for their reckless driving which has become rampant in Buea since the Anglophone Struggle started.

A few weeks ago, a reckless police pickup knocked down an old woman of 60 around the UB Junction.