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Premarital Sex As Prelude To Adultery 

By Elizabeth Enanga Mokake*

Nowadays many youths indulge in premarital sex without considering the dangers inherent in the act. Some say that having sex proves their manhood or womanhood. Not wanting to be viewed as odd, you may thus be pushed by societal pressure to indulge in premarital sexual relationships.

Contrary to popular opinion, however, not all youths are in a hurry to give up their virginity. Ms. Adele Atu, a student of the University of Yaounde II told The Post that she remains chaste because premarital sex is a sin. She said she will wait for her God-given husband. Teenagers fail to understand that premarital sex is a sin against God. One possible after-effect is contracting sexually transmitted diseases including the dreadful HIV/AIDS. Imagine the heartache if one learns years later that a sexual experience did cause irreversible damage, perhaps infertility, a serious health problem or unwanted pregnancy!

Surprisingly, some youths wonder how a couple can get to know each other well if they don’t have premarital sex. They fail to understand that sex alone cannot forge a permanent relationship; neither can expressions of affection, such as kissing. Staying chaste, however, does more than helping a youth avoid dire consequences. The Post sought to find out from some people on the streets of Yaounde what they think about premarital sex. According to Jules Miyoupo, premarital sex is wonderful as he claimed that while waiting for a wife, one has to have fun.

Jacques Djone Wafo, a trader, thinks that the ideal thing is to enjoy sex in marriage. Even though it is difficult to find a girl of 14 years nowadays who is still a virgin. Valentine Emeka, a student at a university in Nigeria believes that some youths indulge in premarital sex in a bid to avenge on their partners who cheated on them. He said, however, that such partners don’t know that they are doing more harm to themselves.        

Many youths have found premarital sex to be bitterly disappointing. The result? Feelings of guilt and diminished self-respect. Twenty-three-year-old Denis admitted to The Post: "It was a big let down; no feeling of good or warmth of love as it was supposed to be. Rather, the full realization of how wrong the act was hit me. I felt totally ashamed at my lack of self-control."

According to Associate Pastor, Emmanuel Lamfu, there is nothing like premarital sex as he strongly believes that it is a sin before God and man. "Sex is for married people," he told to The Post. "Those engaging in premarital sex are twice as likely to commit adultery after marriage. When you sow passion, you will reap a bumper crop of doubts and insecurities. But if you sow self-control, you will reap a harvest of fidelity and security," a concerned parent who refused to be named told The Post.

(ASMAC Journalism Student on Internship)

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