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Presbyterians Celebrate 53rd Anniversary, November 14 

By Anne Munjong

Christians of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, will, on Sunday, November 14, celebrate their 53 years of autonomy.

The yearly event which comes up every second week in the month of November is usually an opportunity for PCC Christians to take stock of their activities and raise funds to foster the gospel to those parts of the country and beyond that have not got the message of Jesus Christ.
The PC Day popularly known as the "Mission Feast Day" is being celebrated this year when the church has taken a giant step by opening the doors of the Cameroon Christian University (CCU).

During the celebrations, the Christians raise funds for different church projects and this year the Christians will surely be appealed to raise funds to support the churches’ effort of building befitting structures for the young baby university which have campuses in Bali, Northwest and Kumba in the Southwest.

As a tradition, the Christians usually listen to a special message from the head of the church who is the moderator, Rt. Rev. Dr. Festus Ambe Asana and this year, the PC Day will be celebrated under the theme "Standing on the Promises of God". 

Many of the parishes have programmed special activities to celebrate this year’s 53rd anniversary and in the Presbyterian Church, Likoko Membea of the Fako North Presbytery, the new and Parish Pastor, Rev. Saibo Lamsin, has brought in many innovations to give the celebration this year a special touch and create an impact within the neighborhood.

Some of the activities are sports for both Christians and non-Christians, singing competition and above all a retreat on the eve of the "D" day proper. When The Post asked the Likoko Membea pastor to comment on why some of the activities include non-Christians, he said the purpose of the day is also to evangelize to those who have not yet received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and also to share love and fellowship with one another.

This year as the PCC Christians celebrate their 53 years of autonomy and achievements, the Christian Women Movement (CWF) considered to be the backbone of the Church are also putting finishing touches on preparations for the celebration of their Golden Jubilee.

An innovation for this year’s celebration is the assignment of student pastors from the Presbyterian Theological School Kumba to some parishes to take active part in the celebrations. Christians are, however, called upon to take special care of these student pastors when they do come to celebrate with them.

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