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Priest Vows To Expose Witches, Wizards Frustrating Church 

By Wamey Panky — Rev. Fr. Edward Lukong of the Kumbo Diocese has vowed to expose some of the witches and wizards who he said have been frustrating the activities of that congregation.

Rev. Fr. Edward Lukong

The prelate, in a bitter tone, told hundreds of Christians at the Nkambe Town Catholic Church that there were two wizards and one witch determined to frustrate his efforts and those of other Christians in the mission. Rev. Fr. Lukong said that the agents of darkness had been behind the alms missing mysteriously in church every Sunday.

He said the three hold positions in church and are part of the Finance Committee. The Rev. Father said, every Sunday, after all the alms have been counted and recorded, FCFA 10.000 must go missing before the bulk of the offerings reach the Parish Priest. Father Lukong also said the wizards, disguised as Christians, had made several vain efforts to bewitch him in the Parish house, and had even attempted to attack him spiritually in the night.

“It has taken me a lot of time and several considerations to reveal all this to you today. I want to say it here that if those witches and wizards who are present here in church should try again the least; I will stand on this same pulpit and call them out by names,” said Father Lukong. He added: “I was the lone child from my mother’s womb; I sleep on my bed alone and fight my blanket with no one. But whoever dares to come and fight my blanket with me should be ready to lose his/her head.

A lot of mysterious things have been happening in this mission perhaps to ruin Fr. Edward Lukong’s reign. I’ll not fold my arms and watch them mess me and the church. If the witches and wizards love themselves, they should stay away from the church and I, for it is time I must disgrace them before they disgrace me.” He, however, said God even loves such people, so they should continue to go to church.

First published in The Post print edition No 01368

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