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Priests Mustn 

By Walter Wilson Nana

CameroonPostline.com — On the Ordination day in Buea Diocese, Southwest Region, Bishop Immanuel Banlanjo Bushu addressed the congregation, saying if there is a message the 11 newly ordained and other Priests want to hear, it is that they have to stay away from the things of the world and acquisition of wealth.

The newly ordained Priests at the Regina Pacis Cathedral, Small Soppo, Buea, include; Rev. Frs. Herbert Niba, Kevin Sakwe, Joseph Ngome, Marcel Ekang, John Baba, Ernest Epan Mungu, Michael Mbunwir, Jude Visoh, Richard Tah, Francois Xavier Effa and Killian Agbor.

Bishop Bushu, on Tuesday, April 22, addressed challenges that Priests must face on a daily basis, that slowly drag Christians away from their faith. These challenges include materialism and secularism. “Priests are not supposed to acquire wealth, have bank accounts, and buy things like people in ordinary life and civil society do. If they do not live a life of simplicity and humility, their message will not go across to people,” said the Prelate.

Mgr. Bushu told the new Pastors of souls that they are servants and slaves to the people of God, adding they are out to work for everybody without distinction, pointing to Jesus Christ’s last great action on earth, ordaining his Apostles. “You have to teach the Gospel in the name of Christ and let your doctrine nourish the people of God,” he insisted.

“Hang on to the garment of Jesus Christ, for work in the Vineyard of God is delicate, with the devil ever ready to perturb,” Bushu added, while exhorting Christians to pray for Priests when they go astray and not to heap abuses on them.  “They are chosen amongst God’s people and must act in the name of God,” Mgr Bushu noted.

On behalf of the newly ordained, Rev. Fr. Mungu expressed gratitude to all, who have been supportive of them as they went through the mill to be part of God’s vineyard, while calling for endless prayers as they engage their new Ministry. The new Priests are coming at a time when Bishop Bushu is in the process of creating new Parishes.

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