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Priests Have To Live Like Jesus Christ 

By Walter Wilson Nana — Serving and newly ordained Priests in the Diocese of Buea have been reminded to live like Jesus Christ.

This was the kernel of the sermon of the Bishop of Buea Diocese, Immanuel Bushu, during the ordination of seven Deacons into priesthood at the Buea Co-cathedral site, Thursday, April 4.
The seven ordained are Revs. Nicholas Nanji Ngoh, Raymond Esuka Ekosse, Moses Nikume Njoh, Emmanuel Ndode, Michael Agbecha, Valentine Ambe and Stephen Nnorom. According to Mgr. Bushu, Priests take the signs from God’s words, which have been reiterated by Jesus Christ.

He said, after the 1971 Synod in the Vatican, Priests were said to be Divine and must be among their Christians. “Ordained Priests are a necessity to their Christians. The Priesthood is not a part time job. You have to serve and die in it,” he added. Priests in the Diocese were entreated to do their work all the time, everywhere when duty calls, continuously build the church on earth and be the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Inspired by the writings in one of the sixteen books from the Vatican Council II documents, Mgr. Bushu said; “The Ministry and life of a Priest is in the service and work for Christ.” He told the newcomers that trouble will be there all the time and the manner in which they are tackled make them Priests. “Temptation will be aplenty because of the devil,” he said.

Mgr. Bushu exhorted Priests to live the Priesthood every day, guard against laziness, be diligent in prayers and attending to Christians, read always and be innovative in preaching God’s Word to Christ’s faithful. To the laity, Bishop Bushu enjoined them to pray and guide their Priests. “Support them with prayers, good words and in all their sufferings so that they will be holy like God,” he said.

He requested the more than 4,000 Christians who turned out for the ceremony to praise God and thank Him for His glory and endless gifts to mankind. On behalf of the seven new Priests, Rev. Fr. Raymond Esuka Ekosse thanked God for the gift of Priesthood, Mgr Bushu for accepting them in his Diocese, the Christians and their immediate family members for all the support given to them so far.

Rev. Fr Valentine Ambe, on his part, expressed joy, giving praise to God for all that is happening in his life and that of his fellow brothers in the Priesthood. “I am now a workman in God’s vineyard. I have been waiting all my life to have this opportunity to serve the people of God. I am ready to feed the people who are hungry for the food, which is the Word of God,” he said. He reiterated his commitment to carry the entire burden that Jesus Christ carried. “It’s all about hard work, perseverance and following Christ with His cross and all that go with it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rev. Fr Nicholas Nanji Ngoh said the gift of Priesthood is beyond human comprehension and it is a mystery. “I count myself privileged to share in such a mystery and to be able to celebrate the mysteries of Christ, to sanctify the people of God and to prepare them to be sent to Heaven. This is a delicate and noble task one can ever imagine on earth. This day was made by the Lord, let’s rejoice and be glad,” he said.

First published in The Post print edition no 01423

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