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Prince Jesco Accused Of Stifling Village Development 

By Francis Tim Mbom

Emmanuel Ndengwe Meteh and James Esange Elonge, DO and Mayor of Idenau, respectively, have accused Prince Jesco Manga Williams, of stifling the development of Enyenge village located several kilometres from Idenau.The DO, the Mayor, and a host of other council and administrative staff were at Enyenge village on Wednesday, June 3, to inaugurate an FCFA 3-million bridge.

Bridge inaugurated at Enyenge village

The Council Secretary General, Samuel Musinga Njie, noted that the 40-metre long bridge was one of the Council’s efforts to help ameliorate the wellbeing of the community.The DO, however, expressed deep dissatisfaction with Prince Jesco who is said to be the land title holder of the large expanse of this sea front community inhabited by some 3000 people who have got no electricity, no potable water, not even a health post and the list goes on.

The DO said that at one point when Idenau Council went prospecting for possibilities of how potable water could be piped to this large community of fishermen and farmers, Prince Jesco on learning of the move sued the Council for trespass on his land. He equally reportedly said Prince Jesco has accused him of collecting rent from the settlers there, a thing he vehemently denied.

The DO stated that his demonstration was, henceforth, going to see about Jesco’s claimed ownership of Enyenge when all he does is to come and collect rent form the people and cannot even allow the administration and the council to assist the people with basic needs and other facilities for their wellbeing.

But Jesco told The Post on Friday, June 5, that no one has ever sought his consent as the landlord of Enyenge before carrying out any business in the area. Asked if he would have freely consented if either the Council or the administration had approached him, Jesco said he would if they came without ulterior motives.

According to Jesco, the failure of the Council and others to seek his consent over Enyenge is rooted in trespass, an issue which has already seen him in court with the DO."Everything at Enyenge is mine. But nobody has ever come to me to tell me that this is what I want to do," he said.

Jesco went to show to The Post a copy of his land title certificate issued to him in 2000. The certificate issued from the Fako Land Registry office indicates that Jesco, who inherited the 124 acres of land at Enyenge, is the de facto owner of the place.

Jesco also admitted that he has been collecting rents from "well over 400" tenants. As to how much each tenant was paying to him, he said the amounts vary. For example, for those who have acquired land from him and built their houses on it, he collects FCFA 1,000 monthly.

The Bridge

Meantime, the Mayor of Idenau said the bridge which links Enyenge I and II, was built in order to facilitate the movement of school children, teachers and farmers from Enyenge I to the other bank where part of the lone primary school is located.

One of the residents here told The Post that before the bridge was built, crossing the stream, especially by school kids was not been easy. He said that during the rainy periods, the volume of the water rises by a meter and it is only during dry weather that crossing is easy when the water dries up.

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