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Prince Mesoso Crowned Chief Of Bwilei Village 

By Elvis Tah

Prince Peter Ikome Mesoso, hitherto regent Chief of Bwilei village, Lysoka, Buea, was, Thursday, June 25, crowned as third class Chief.

chief Mesoso II flanked by government officials and bakweri chiefs

Chief Ikome Mesoso replaces his late father, Chief Mesoso I, who died some five years ago.
The coronation ceremony was chaired by the DO of Buea, Simon Kwemo. The Prince was brought to the ceremonial grounds amid ululations and gunshots, by a Bakweri traditional cult known as "nganya."

The "nganya" dance group escorted the bare-chested Prince, his body covered with leaves, to the ceremonial arena where they handed him over to a "College of Chiefs" led by the Paramount Chief of Buea, Chief SML Endeley.

The Chiefs then took him into a grass hut that was built in front of the palace for traditional rites.
After, Prince Mesoso was later brought out of the grass hut, he was taken to a makeshift palace where he was dressed as a Chief, a coronet affixed on his head, a chain of beads, cowries and other ornaments were worn on his neck and a royal sceptre was handed to him.

Chief Endeley and the other Chiefs performed their traditional incantations and took turns welcoming him to their royalty. The DO of Buea, Simon Kwemo, while installing Mesoso, stated that the selection of traditional rulers is being done by the custodians of the tradition while the Administration simply endorses.

Kwemon said that Chief Mesoso II was now confirmed as the third class Chief of Bwilei village, Lysoka, Buea, by Prefectoral Order No 3010/2009, signed on May 28, by the Senior Divisional Officer for Fako, Jules Marcelin Ndjaga. 

The DO advised the Chief to put the interest of his subjects first before that of his family.
"You must be ready to accept criticism in order to be a good leader. Avoid conflicts with your entourage and listen to everybody like a father listening to his children," said the DO.

He called on the Chief to stand firm and never to be afraid whenever he is defending the truth.
"Remember that, as a traditional ruler, you are an auxiliary to the government and so you should endeavour to pass on government’s instructions to your kinsmen and make sure that they remain law- abiding citizens," Kwemo said. He exhorted the Chief to share the native lands judiciously amongst his kin and kith and avoid unnecessary land disputes.

Speaking to the Press at the end of his coronation, Chief Mesoso II said he had suffered so much in the issue of chieftaincy following the departure of his father. "It took me five years to do what we are doing today. It was not that I was unable. It was that the doors had not been opened for me. As they have finally been opened today, I lack words to express my joy," Chief Mesoso II said.

Born on November 11, 1970 in Buea, Chief Mesoso II did bilingual education and holds a FSLC and its French equivalence (CEP) in 1983 and 1987 respectively. He is holder of CAP and Probatoire certificates. He is married to Serah Enanga and a father of three. He is an engineer but operates chiefly as a contractor.

The coronation was animated by traditional dances groups, prominent amongst was the "Mbaya" dance from Donga Mantung Division, Northwest Province as well as Bakweri women’s choir groups.

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