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Prof. Anomah Ngu Remembered 

By Franca Sulem Yong — A memorial mass was offered at the Mvog-Ada Chapel in Yaounde on June 9 in honour of late Prof. Victor Anomah Ngu. Family members, friends, colleagues and members of Sasse Old Boys Association (SOBA) and other State dignitaries converged to recall and salute Anomah Ngu’s life and works.

On the occasion, late Anomah Ngu’s eldest daughter, Aza Ngu, said her father’s legacy lives on as his memory remains forever engraved in the hearts of many. In an interview with the press, Aza Ngu said Anomah Ngu’s loved ones are working hand in glove to realise the projects he left behind, notably the one on health security.

This particular project, she said, entails an all-inclusive approach for its completion, given its global dimension. Asked if she feels her father’s contributions are sufficiently being celebrated by the State, she said: “I think that enough consideration is being given to his efforts but the materialisation of his projects depend on our collective efforts.”

Moreover, she said, her father was awarded a medal of the highest honour, posthumously and that the State is currently validating his left over projects. Answering another question as to how the family has been coping since her father passed away, she said: “Since Pa left us, life has not been easy, because even when he did not give us something, his presence was very encouraging.”

Aza lauded her father as a God-fearing and great humanitarian who cared for everyone. In a book of eulogy, it was revealed that Professor Victor Anomah Ngu was one of the most distinguished medical doctors and academicians Cameroon has produced till date.

Born on February 19, 1926 in Bamenda, Northwest Region, he died on June, 14, 2011. He graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the Saint Mary’s University Teaching Hospital in London, Great Britain. Anomah Ngu was awarded a Master’s degree in Surgery in London by 1962.

As a senior specialist doctor working at the University of Ibadan Teaching Hospital, he undertook research in Tropical Pathology, in collaboration with national and international research funding bodies. Hence, he won the Albert Lasker Medical Research Award in Clinical Cancer Chemotherapy in 1972.

As a statesman, he occupied numerous posts amongst which were Head of Surgery at the University Centre for Health Science (UCHS/CUSS) till 1974, Vice Chancellor of Yaounde University I (1974 to1982), Delegate General of Scientific and Technical Research (1982 to 1984). He was then appointed Minister of Public Health where he served from 1984 till 1988.

In 1993, he was appointed Pro-Chancellor in the University of Buea where he served till September 2005. He equally served as the President of the Cameroon Academy of Science from 2001 to 2008. He pioneered the formation of several scientific and social associations in which he was either member or President like Bernard Fonlon Society and Association for African Universities.

He won several awards for his achievements, notably the Max Bonn Prize, Dr. Samuel Laurence Adesuyi Award and Medal by the West African Health Community in 1989. Most prominent amongst Professor Anomah Ngu’s works was his research on HIV and VAHIMAX, a vaccine aimed to curb HIV/AIDS. This earned him an O.I.C International,  Rev Leon II Sullivan Achievement Award for the fight against HIV/ AIDS on October 28, 2003.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01350

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