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Prof. Yanou Foundation Launched To Advance Research 

A foundation in memory of late Professor Mike Yanou was launched on March 12, 2016 at Buea Mountain Hotel.
Prof. Yanou, a lecturer of law at the University of Buea, died in ghastly motor accident on the Douala-Yaounde highway on January 27, 2015.

The President of the Foundation, Mrs. Nicole Musi Yanou, said they will continue some of the things Prof. Yanou held dear to his heart such as promoting human rights, ameliorating the living conditions of the downtrodden and promoting research in the domain of human rights, particularly for women and the girl-child.

During the ceremony, prizes were awarded to five students from three different secondary schools at Mile 16 Buea (GHS Bolifamba, Champions Secondary School and Charity Comprehensive College all in Mile 16.
The Mile 16 community was chosen because it is one of the communities in Buea known for poor living standards, high immorality and high levels of school dropouts.

Over 50 youths participated in an essay on “If you were given the opportunity to develop Mile 16, what will you do?” The first received a prize of FCFA 100,000, the second; FCFA 50,000 and the last three; FCFA 25,000 each.

The Roots For Kids Orphanage was invited and about 20 of the kids each had gifts.
The President also indicated that they are already sponsoring some single young mothers back to school and starting some on small businesses.

Barrister Harmony Bobga lauded the initiative of the Foundation, saying it will go a long way to continue with some of the things Prof. Yanu could not continue with especially in the area of research.
He said he was so touched that he will put it in his will that after his death, his daughter should continue supporting the Foundation.

The Secretary General of SYNES Buea Chapter, Dr. Neba Fontem, said SYNES-UB will be a life partner of The Yanou Foundation.
He was full of admiration for the late Yanou and said he was greatly missed.
Dr. Jonie Fonyam, the pioneer SYNES UB President, recounted his relationship with Yanou and how he stood up against every move to compromise the cause.

Dr. Irene Anyangwe also narrated how Yanou forfeited well-paid retainers rather than give in to pressure to do that which his conscience rejected.

Dr. Irene Sama-Lang, one of several Ph.D holders whom Mike Yanou supervised promised that she and the others will continue upholding the high standards set by Prof. Yanou.
The Fako Lawyers Association, FAKLA President, Barrister Agbor Balla, said the gap left behind by Prof. Yanou will be hard to fill.

He advised other lawyers to follow in his footsteps so that they will also be remembered.
He pledged the unwavering support of FAKLA.

By Glory Mbuwil (NPB Journalism Student On Internship)students from GHS mile 16

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