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Pupil Transformed Into ‘Cow’ 

By Litteisa Anye*

Christians of the Presbyterian Church Musang, Bamenda, were astounded towards the end of their service Sunday, August 22, when they were presented a child with the face of an animal.
The child, 13, whose name we are withholding, a primary 5 pupil of Government School Awon, was allegedly transformed into a cow by his uncle in Bali and taken to be sold in the cattle market.

When the "cow" was not bought, the uncle made it regain its human appearance beginning from its legs. Upon seeing this, Beatrice Mbay, the child’s mother, took him to a deliverance service in Bali where they met Rev. Richard Asanji.

That is how Rev. Asanji brought him to the Presbyterian Church Musang to get financial assistance for the child. Here, he was the object of intense prayers until all that remained as traces of his transformation were on his head. His eyes seemed to be slightly below his ears. He had swellings on both sides of his temple which looked more like horns and a protruded mouth. He also had big wounds on his forehead and around his mouth. 

Ernest Ambe, a Christian of the Presbyterian Church Musang, who was a witness at the prayer session, told The Post that it was horrible. "His mother had to cover his face before bringing him to church." Ambe said. The 13-year-old is currently awaiting scientific treatment which is expected to cure the wounds he somehow incurred in the course of the incident. Rev. Asanji called on people of goodwill to help the child financially. 

*(UB Journalism Student on Internship)

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