Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Race For NW SDF Chairmanship Begins 

By Peterkins Manyong

Intrigues and stratagems are in high gear in the Northwest Region ahead of the election of a new SDF Regional Chairman.

As a prelude to it, the districts are being organised. The organization is part of SDF’s move to renew its grassroots structures. For instance, in Batibo, Maurice Werewum replaced Lawrence Teno as District Chairman after beating Elias Nwati. Bernard Suh Fuh, a lawyer, is Bafut’s new District Chairman.

But the most coveted post is that of Northwest Regional Chairperson. The incumbent, Bernard Tabali, already has potential challengers, although the date for the event is to be announced early July by the SDF National Executive Council, NEC. Foremost among Tabali’s challengers is Henry Kum, former Northwest Chairman whom he beat in the last regional (then provincial) elections in Kumbo, Bui Division. 

Kum, who was generally termed "the Chairman’s candidate," told The Post that the appellation was used by his enemies just to discredit him. "The National Chairman does not favour anybody. The SDF is a democratic party and all contestants are the Chairman’s candidates."
Kum said he is confident that he will beat Tabali in the elections.

Another potential Tabali challenger is Roy Tazor, present Northwest SDF Organising Secretary. Roy has been an indefatigable organiser of district elections and remains steadfast, despite accusations that he tries to favour unpopular candidates.The idea of the SDF National Chairman, Fru Ndi backing a particular candidate has, however, been dismissed by one of Fru Ndi’s aides who said it is a scheme used by some of the candidates or their campaign managers to gain undue advantage over others.

He said even Fru Ndi’s relatives try to drum up the idea, citing the case of the Chairman’s sister who wanted to sabotage the candidacy of one Joseph Achuo for the post of Bamendankwe electoral district. Her anti-campaign was that Achuo’s brother is the mayor of Bamenda 1(Bamendankwe council). "When Fru Ndi learnt of it, he was very angry and ordered that Achuo be allowed to contest. He contested and is today District Chairman," our informant said.

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