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Reach Out Supports PLWHA 

By Walter Wilson Nana — Unique Sisters, a support group to fight against HIV/AIDS and assist Persons Living with HIV/AIDS, PLWHA, resident in the Tiko have received financial support from Reach Out Cameroon worth FCFA 1,120,000.

Reach Out Cameroon Executive Director, Esther Njomo Omam, explained that the fight against HIV/AIDS and stigmatisation is also about working closely with organised groups of PLWHA.
She said Reach Out Cameroon was at the beginning of the fight against HIV/AIDS in the Southwest Region and across Cameroon. “There is the need to make this fight against HIV/AIDS sustainable by working with families, communities and the country as a whole,” Omam added.

She observed that stigmatisation and discrimination against PLWHA must stop by encouraging the affected and infected persons to live comfortable lives. Representing the DO for Tiko, Charlotte Eyong appreciated Reach Out for their efforts and contribution in the fight against poverty and HIV/AIDS in Cameroon. Eyong entreated the 16 beneficiaries to put the money received into proper use as they initially promised to.

Other speakers included: the District Medical Officer for Tiko; the Chief of Centre, Social Affairs; the Subdivisional Delegate of Women Empowerment and the Family; the Fako Divisional Delegate of Small and Medium Size Enterprises, who all saw women as the heart of the family, hence, they must be supported no matter their conditions. Susan Akupa, President of Unique Sisters, took a commitment on behalf of her sisters to make good use of the money, while looking forward to more support from Reach Out, its partners, other benefactors and the Government.

“We have children to educate, commitments in our respective families to fulfil as well as our drugs to buy. So, we will put this money into various business ventures to make it grow and yield more What does it take to become a Nun? Why would two very pretty, well educated young ladies give up everything and opt for a life of chastity, with few or no possessions at all?

A life-long confinement to a Monastery, totally shut out from the ambitions and other human desires that the average young woman yearns for? Sisters Josephine of Jesus Crucified and Coralie of the Blessed Sacrament of Our Lady recently professed to “dump all earthly things” for a celestial life within the confines of a Monastery.

First published in The Post print edition no 01503

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