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Reach-out To The Poor, Needy, Christians Told 

By Nform Willibroad B. Nformi — Catholic Christians in the Kumbo Diocese, Northwest Region, have been told to reach out to the poor, needy and vulnerable persons of their communities.

Mgr George Nkuo, Bishop of the Diocese of Kumbo made the call at the Nso Fon’s Palace, November 24, during a holy mass to mark the end of the year of faith and celebrate the feast of Christ the King. In his 24 minutes homily inspired by the Gospel of Luke, the Bishop said the celebration marked the year of faith but not the end of faith.

“The year of faith is ended but not our faith” he said. He said the local church was joining the Holy Father, Pope Francis to celebrate the feast of Christ the King. He emphasised that in Rome, there was to be the display of the relics of St Peter, the first Pope. He added that the there will be collections to help the victims of the Philippian floods. The prelate maintained that the Christian faith will be meaningless if the poor and needy are neglected.

“Our faith is meaningless if we are unable to reach out to the poor and needy in our community,” Mgr Nkuo declared. He said the feast of Christ the King gives the Christian faithfuls the opportunity to proclaim their faith without fear or favour, so as to let the light of the Gospel shine out. The Bishop called on Christians to throw away all the things that are controlling their lives and putting them away from the King of Kings.

Meanwhile, thousands of Roman Catholic faithful, that make up the Kumbo Deanery, converged at the St Theresia’s Primary School premises in Kumbo in processions, carrying the body of Christ known better in its Latin parlance as Corpus Christi. Christians from Melim, Meluf, Tobin, Mbve, Shisong, Bamkikaai, SAC and other Eucharistic centres sang and danced as they revered the Blessed Sacrament en route to the STS Kumbo premises

First published in The Post edition no 01485

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