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Religious, Accademia Celebrate Mandela 

By Lerah Leke Fonge &  Isidore Abah — Religious leaders, academia, journalists and members of the general public in Buea, Southwest Region, have celebrated the life of the former South Africa President. The above mentioned persons converged on Thursday, July 18, at the conference hall of Fako Ship Plaza in Buea, under the canopy of Mandela’s Club, to praise and thank God for keeping Mandela up to his 95th birthday.

Family picture to close up Mandela day

Presenting the biography of Nelson Mandela, Dr. Ernest Molua, aka Madiba said the 95-year-old remains one of the most venerated African President and personality. He added that  the incalceration of Mandela for 27 years did not deter him from forging ahead with is vision of fighting for equality between the whites and the blacks, in an aparthied- plagued South Africa.

While in prison, Dr Molua further stated, Mandela was promised freedom on condition that he denounced violence and stopped his pursuit for equality between white and black South Africans. Mandela was rather determined to remain in prison, than for the black South Africans to be imprisoned under the aparthied system.

For his part, Mwalimo George Ngwane said it is not by chance that Mandela has become a global iconoclastic figure whose birth day is commemorated the world over. He said it is because of the virtues that Mandela stood for; equality and patriotism, among others, and the vision he had for his country that has accorded him such global recognition and respect.

While commemorating  the life of Tata Madiba, George Ngwane exhorted those present to import the virtues which Mandela fought for in South Africa to Cameroon. According to him, Cameroon is not better than the Aparthierd South Africa, as aspects like inequality in the distribution of the national cake, political appointments,  marginalisation and relegation of the youth in matters of leadership are rife in Cameroon.

Did Mandela Improve South Africans Economic situation? Meanwhile, in the course of the ceremony, a participant, Kennedy Abang posed a question wether Mandela did enough to improve on the economic situation of black South Africans.

Accordiing to Abang, who has an economic background, there can be no equality when the people are not economically empowered, given that most fertile lands, lucrative jobs and good houses are owned and controlled by white South Africans, while the blacks still live in misery and poverty. According to Dr Molua, Mandela wanted to first achieve equality between the white and black race, while economic,political and social parity would follow after.

That is why, he said, the young politicians in the ANC are today fighting for economic equality. He maintained that Mandela created an enabling environment for other South African leaders to build on. To him, it was not easy for Mandela to achieve equilibrium in all spheres, given his short term in office in a country that has been torn apart by inequality for decades.

Meantime, the Imam of the Buea Central Mosque, El Hadj Muhammed Abubakar, Rev Mary Wose of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, and Rev Dr. Paul Wose Mokake of the CBC prayed that God should provide Cameroon, Africa and the world with leaders who will stand for the interest of their citizens like Mandela did for South Africans and not their own selfish interest .

First published in The Post print edition no 01450

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