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Religious Certificate Should Be Prerequisite To Hold Public Office 

By Yerima Kini Nsom — Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle has said religious Knowledge certificates should be instituted as the first qualification for the recruitment of people into the public service in Cameroon.

Ntumfor receiving award from Rev Masok

The National President of the Christian Men Fellowship, CMF, of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon made the proposal on February 10, at the Nsimeyong congregation in Yaounde as he reiterated the stand of the PCC on some national issues.

In his exhortation, Nico Halle decried the upsurge of immorality in the country. The solution to such a despicable situation, he reiterated, is for everyone to turn to God. Said he: “Knowledge of the Bible, the Koran and other books that profess God should be the foundation of learning, because the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.

To him, the high degree of moral decadence has continued to strive in Cameroon because Religious Knowledge is not recognised as the basic qualification for the holding of any public office. Nico Halle condemned homosexuality, saying the stand of the PCC against the ill was unshakable.

He said the Cameroon Penal Code condemns the ill in its article 347 and prescribes a sentence of up to five years for anybody found guilty of committing the offence. In like manner, he said, the Bible also condemns homosexuality. He condemned bribery and corruption in the global church and advised his CMF members to shun such ills by every means. He told the congregation that the privatisation of church property and offices is becoming the order of the day.

“Some people, when elected into office, behave as if they own these offices and misappropriate property to the detriment of the church,” he pointed out. Christians who behave in this manner, he went on, have no spiritual and moral authority to criticise the secular world. He expressed disappointment at the proliferation of churches and prosperity gospels.

To him, such acts of falsehood were unfortunately taking away some Christians who are weak in spirit, and advised Christians to shun such practices. He called on youths to demonstrate exemplary behaviour, maintain peace and should not copy some of the nation-killing prevailing vices some elderly persons were practicing. He urged them to shun smoking, moral decadence, tribalism and corruption, so as to make a better country for themselves.

I Will Step Down

In a vocal tone, Ntumfor told his fellow CMF members that he will step down after his first mandate, even though the constitution allows him to run for another term. “We should try other CMF members who may even do better,” he said. Ntumfor said church people should not stay in power for long because they would no longer have the moral authority to criticise leaders of the secular world who also hang unto power.

The lawyer cum peace crusader called on his fellow Christians to respect State institutions. Quoting from Romans 13, he said the authorities are put there by God. He urged all CMF members to respect State institutions, whether they are religious, administrative, legislative or military. He also called on his CMF colleagues to pray for pastors, Christians, the church of God and beg God to lead State institutions.

During the church service, the congregation also listened to a sermon by Rev. Michael Fai who is the National Secretary for Men’s Work of the PCC. Prior to the church service; the CMF President led a march of the entire congregation through the streets of Nsimeyong with songs of praise to God. During the church service, Ntumfor Nico Halle received an award of good leadership from members of his executive.

Rev. Dr. Michael Fai and Rev. Prof. Anyambod equally received awards. The occasion was one of the high points of the CMF National President’s visit to the East Moungo Region. The East Moungo Region of the PCC is made up of eight Francophone regions.

The visit began on Friday, February 9, during which Ntumfor Nico Halle led a delegation to the Centre Regional Governor, Roger Moise Eyene Nlom. Members of the delegation included Rev. Dr. Michael Fai, Rev. Emmanuel Masok, Rev. Ngongang Anyam, Elias Mokom Fon, Stanley Fuh and Joseph Forsab. After the East Moungo Region, Ntumfor will visit the Southwest Region on February 24.

First published in The Post newspaper no 01408

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