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Retired CBC Health Board Official Laid To Rest 

By Jeff Ngawe Yufenyu

Retired Cameroon Baptist Convention, CBC, Health Board official, and pioneer Chief of Centre for Nkwen Baptist Health Centre, Johnson Tata Kaninjing, who died on August 7, was buried on August 22, in his Njiptop village, Ndu Subdivision. Medical reports say Kaninjing fell sick on August 8, 2004 after a minor stroke on the left side of his body.

According to the report, he suffered a second stroke on May 5, 2005 which rendered him invalid.
In his homily at Nkwen Baptist Church on August 21, Rev. Christopher Fanfon said Pa Kaninjing’s death was a glorious home-going.  Pa Kaninjing, he said, left a legacy of faith for his family and for the church and urged Christians not to be afraid of death. "Like Jesus Christ, don’t be afraid to die because you are sure of the next life with God in heaven,"  Fanfon said.

Meanwhile, in his sermon  at Njiptop Baptist Church before the burial,  Rev. Peter Nyumloh said Pa Kaninjing was frank and would correct one on the spot without fear or favour. Pa Kaninjing lived for Christ’s glory and caused people to grow in Christ, Rev. Nyumloh said. In his tribute to his father, the eldest child and son, Ernest Kaninjing, said though their father was dead, the family was "celebrating the life of Pa Johnson Tata Kaninjing."
His life was one of service, the son said.

"Our father showed us how to live a life of faith in God," he said, adding that he showed them how to handle the success and good fortune that came their way. According to Ernest, his father taught him one thing which he remembers so well, which is to "live your life with a little doze of humility, for you never know what tomorrow may bring." In her tribute to her husband, Martha Kaninjing said their 39 years of marriage had been Martha, Pa Kaninjing taught her lots of things including bringing the children together each night for devotion, being discrete with issues of life and being devoted to her job.

Johnson Tata Kaninjing was born on January 1, 1941 and married Martha Beri Lumba on September 13, 1970. God blessed the couple with five children and five grand children. 
The children include Ernest, Emma, Elvin, Edwin and Eugene with the grand children being Bimi, Paul, Nathan, Elmer and Emily.

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