Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Retired Idenau DO Converts Market Stalls Into Retirement Home 

By Francis Tim Mbom

The former Divisional Officer, DO, of West Coast Sub Division, Basile Ekomba, is still hovering around Ideanu a week after he was sent on retirement.

The Mayor of Idenau startled journalists when he said the former DO has taken up residence at the Idenau new Market.

The DO is virtually the first tenant to occupy stalls in the new market, which is yet to be given out to business persons.

Ekomba was DO of Idenau from 2011 till May 22, 2017, when President Biya sent him on retirement.
He handed over the baton of command on June 13 to Stephen Ngong Ngai.

Like every other responsible civil servant of his rank and status, it was expected he will quit and move to his retirement home, perhaps in his village of origin in the Littoral Region or wherever he must have built his retirement home.

But the Mayor of Idenau, Gabriel Tonde, told journalists that the former DO met him and pleaded that he be allowed to use one of the stalls in the new market to keep some of his belongings.

The Mayor said Ekomba told him that he wanted to store some of his things until when he can find some room space somewhere before he can collect them.

“I said no problem Mr DO if you want to keep your things there. They cannot be left under the rain when the market is not yet operating.”

Mayor Tonde said he, thereon, asked some of his council staff to go and open the stall and let Ekomba preserve his things.

“But I was surprised when they came and told me that the former DO has instead taken up three stalls and has parked all his belongings inside and that is where he has been living,” the Mayor said.

“Even retired CDC workers have never slept in the market,” Mayor Tonde further said.

“No one would believe that a DO who used to give orders for people to be locked up will retire and cannot even go back to his village of origin or to any other place where he has built a house…It is really surprising and I don’t know what to say,” the Mayor added.

Mayor Tonde said it is difficult to understand the former DO’s predicament because the said new stalls in the market “have no toilets yet, no water and no electricity.”

The Mayor said he had to report the matter to the SDO of Fako, who called the DO and ordered him to quit.
But the DO is said to be residing at the market while overseeing construction work on his retirement home that has still raised eye brows.

The Mayor further revealed that Ekomba apparently sliced off a parcel of State land just besides the DO’s residence at Idenau where he was constructing.

The Mayor said the SDO had instructed him to go and mark the said DO Ekomba’s structure for demolition.

But The Post gathered that the former DO has threatened to see who will come and put the house down.

Some residents of Idenau are of the opinion that the former DO, certainly, know that he cannot not just be pushed away “because he will surely expose the down side of some of the administrators who are still in office and probably, they too are afraid to force him out of the land he has grabbed and is presently constructing on.”