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Reunification Day Forum Announced For Buea, October 24 / 25 

By Ernest Sumelong — A mega forum dubbed Reunification Day Forum has been announced for Buea on Thursday, October 24 and Friday, October 25, 2013. Republican Generation, a grouping of some 300 civil society and youth associations, is organising the forum in preparation for the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Reunification of Cameroon to be held later in this year in Buea.

According to Republican Generation President and Head of the Organising Committee of the event, Prince Adolf Bibi Molua, the event shall bring together some 300,000 people across the country to Buea. Organised under the theme “Patriotism and National Unity”, the forum shall set the pace for debates and conferences on the country’s Reunification Day.

Many activities have been lined up for the two-day event; Choral music competitions which will comprise secondary schools and institutions of higher learning, an ecumenical service, a benevolent action in favor of vulnerable groups, a grand rally at the Molyko Omnisport Stadium, a Reunification March, the inauguration of the Reunification Square with exhibition of works of art and reunification archives. There shall also be a Reunification Football Encounter between the Roger Milla and Eto’o Fils generations, Conference Discussions on “Patriotism and National Unity” and a Grand Musical Concert.

According to Prince Bibi Molua, Republican Generation through several civil society organsations, youth associations, integration of support groups of cities, taxis and motor taxi unions, united under the umbrella of reflection with the goal of promoting socio cultural integration of youths in a unified and peaceful Cameroon, launches an important civil ceremony to mark Reunification celebrations named “Reunification Forum”. “What does Reunification signify to the new generation of youths? What has been achieved and what is the legacy for future generations? Are we proud of our glorious past? Has the motherland been beneficial to all?” Prince Molua asks rhetorically.

According to the Organising Committee head, to throw more light on this very important constitutional act, several actors and witnesses of History will be present to talk to the youths on this act that sealed our destiny. “In a patriotic spirit, the youth of the Southwest Region invite youths from all the nine other regions of the country to participate in this event slated for the24 / 25th of October 2013 in Buea,” Prince Molua said in a statement.

He argues that through this gathering, the younger generation plans to make the 50th anniversary of the Unitary State a red letter day, in the presence of the elders, both as witnesses and actors of the institutional construction that resulted from the October 1961 meeting.
In view of this grand event, for the past three months, Republican Generation youths as well as members of the Organising Committee have been multiplying meetings and efforts to galvanise the various actors and participants.

They are urging Cameroonians of all walks of life, especially the youth, to converge in Buea for what they term a “landmark ceremony”. The Post learnt that the event has the endorsement of the Director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency of the Republic, Martin Belinga Eboutou, who is also Chairman of the Organising of the 50th Anniversary of Cameroon’s Reunification celebrations, Chiefs, Civil Society Organisations and youth groups among others.

Among the artists expected to perform at the Mega concert are Salle John, Henry Njoh, Nkoti Francois, Ekambi Brilliant, Nkondo Sitony, Petit Pays, Lady Ponce, Charlotte Dipanda, X-Maleya, Stanley Enow of the Heine Pere fame, Ndedi Eyango, Prince Afo Akom among other renowned and local artists. It would be recalled that the former West Cameroon otherwise known as the British Southern Cameroon reunited with their brothers of East Cameroon known as La Republique du Cameroun on October 1, 1961, when Reunification documents were signed in Buea.

First published in The Post print edition no 01470

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