Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Reunification Participants Protest Poor Compensation 

By Maxcel Fokwen

CameroonPostline.com — A handful of participants from Meme Division, Southwest Region, who travelled to Buea to welcome President Biya Thursday, February 20, later resorted to protest over the quality of logistics offered them.

Some of the participants who travelled from Konye and Mbonge Subdivisions   started protesting that FCFA 6,000 given them was not enough. Others, The Post learnt, begrudged officials for not letting them know that a plate of food in Buea cost between FCFA 800 to FCFA 1,500. Among such scenes was that pitting participants from Konye who camped at the head office of SOWEFCU in Kumba demanding explanations from Mayor George Muima Lobe and his deputies over the quality of logistics offered.

Besides, others were demonstrated their anger following information that President Biya had disbursed a special amount of FCFA 8 million to every local council area for the event. Despite explanations from the local authorities that it was instead the councils that paid the money to support the event, a couple of participants still remained doubtful.

The Post gathered that every council area was given FCFA1million to take care of its population to and from Buea and another FCFA 1million to host the local population that could not travel to Buea for the event. The arguments were only laid to rest after the intervention of the Second Assistant Prefect for Meme, Nelson Gamsi, who requested for buses from an inter-urban transport agency to carry the participants from Kumba to Konye.

First published in The Post print edition no 01507

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